The Firebox Leather Wallet Review

The Firebox Leather Wallet is sort of an outlier when it comes to what the company actually sells. Mainly specializing in Stoves and related accessories. That being said, hidden away on their website is a highly interesting and creative wallet that stood out to me as one definitely worth checking out. The Firebox Leather Wallet, also known as the Easy Money Wallet, is highly unique in not only its construction and design but also with the clever utility and the way you access your credit/debit cards and bills. 

The Firebox Wallet first came to light with a successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2017. The wallet managed to raise a modest $13,436, with much love from the majority of the wallet’s backers. Since then, the Firebox Wallet has sort of faded into obscurity hidden away on the Firebox Stove website. But given the raving reviews of the wallet and innovative design, I couldn’t not purchase one and try it out for myself. Let’s take a look at what this wallet can offer you. 

Look & Design

The Firebox Wallet has a really unique design and its look and design can only be described as quintessentially vintage or traditional in its appearance. Coming in at a size of 180 mm long x 70 mm wide (when open) or 105 mm long x 82 mm wide (when folded), the wallet is a great size for a compact or minimalist wallet one best suited for people who generally carry less with them on a daily basis. 

The Wallet is made from a single piece of Top-Grain Leather with the sides and bottom wrapped around the front. This provides nice round soft edges and highly compressible so it almost shrinks when stored in a front or back wallet. This makes the wallet really comfortable in the pocket thanks to these rounded edges as well as potentially saving your pants for rubbing and wearing down over time. 

The leather is highly notable due to the thickness of said leather. Most leathers, even other so-called full-grain leathers, usually use thinner pieces of leather to save money. The Firebox Leather Wallet uses the full top-grain which makes the leather, or hide, really thick adding much-needed durability while enhancing the look and feel of the wallet. The front has a rope-style lattice accent on the front that has a vintage or western look to it that really adds to the business and quality of the wallet.


Functionality & Utility 

One of the best aspects of the Firebox Wallet is its unique design. The wallet is designed in a pouch system. A flap of leather, referred to as a Tongue, can fold out to reveal a single internal compartment where cash and cards are stored. The uniqueness comes with easy access to bills or banknotes. Bills are stored flush, or entirely flat to the wallet and run along with this Tongue. This provides a highly efficient way to store, and gain access too, this cash without the need to fold the cash like with many other wallets on the market. 

Designed to fit a range of currencies, including international currencies including and not limited to USD, Candian Dollar, and Euros (full list on their website). This is something that is often overlooked by American-made wallets as American banknotes are much smaller in size than other currencies. 

Using the wallet is highly satisfying and really easy to use. The fold-out tongue can be folded and secured to provide added security with little to no hassle. The wallet can store more bills than you can ever want with credit/debit card capacity coming in at anywhere between 1 – 6 cards comfortably. Overall, the Firebox Wallet is a joy to use. It’s refreshing to see a wallet that challenges traditional design and goes above and beyond to not only provide amazing storage, easy access, but also a highly affordable price tag. 


Final Verdict

Coming in at a price tag of $39.99, The Firebox Leather Wallet is a really affordable price tag, and considering everything we’ve discussed a really attractive price. The wallet is incredibly durable, made from some of the thickest hide leather I’ve come across in quite some time, as has a unique and highly effective way of storing cash and cards. Overall, I really recommend the Firebox Wallet and think it would be a fantastic wallet for anyone. For more information on the Firebox Leather Wallet check out their official website by clicking the link below. 


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