Crazy Horse Craft Wallet Review

The Value Origami Wallet

Craft Horse Craft’s journey first began back in 2015 where it started producing leather goods on there old grandfather’s sewing machine. Once the spark was ignited, they couldn’t stop and have since built the Crazy Horse Craft brand into a place to purchase a huge variety of small leather goods including iPhone Cases, Computer Accessories, and Wallets. The wallet we’ll be reviewing today is their Minimalist series wallet, an origami-style leather wallet handcrafted and made from their signature Crazy Horse Leather (hence the name) produced in famed Italian tanneries. 

Look & Design

Crazy Horse Leather itself is a very unique leather and has risen in popularity over the years. It has a texture and appearance very similar to classic suede and treated with a variety of oils and waxes to create a distinctive feel I can only describe as ‘wet’. The leather itself is highly durable. It’s the type of leather that over time will develop a beautiful patina that creates wonderful natural patterns, dents, and colorations that can only be attained for leather of a quality source. 

The Crazy Horse Craft Wallet is highly functional especially considering its smaller size of 11 cm x 7.5 cm. This is down to its previously mentioned ‘origami’ style, where the wallet is designed to be folded into its shape without stitching greatly reducing the raw materials needed to produce it. Because of its lack of stitching the wallet is held together using brass pin-buttons that clip the wallet together which is surprisingly effective. The wallet can feel a little unusual at times because of this but I put this down to never really using a design like it before. 

Functionality & Utility

The crazy horse craft wallet has a small capacity of up to 2 -4 credit/debit cards which is decent for its size. Stored with its 2 slots it can feel a little finicky to easily access cards (as they’re all stacked upon each other) but it’s a small gripe. The wallet stores cash through another slot of a similar size, which you fold, for around 4-5 bills. Finally, the wallet also has a dedicated area for coin storage which is amazing since it’s a fairly uncommon feature in modern-day design. This is accessed through unbuttoning an access slot on the outside for easy easy access. All in all the wallet is very well versed in its functionality and although no one feature is brilliant ‘the best on the market’ as a whole it is a clever bit of design that excels compared to most. 

Final Verdict

Coming in at a price tag of only $41.00, I was incredibly surprised at such a low price tag. This wallet is pure quality in materials and its unique design just adds to the uniqueness you get. I really think this is one of the most valuable leather wallets in the market this year. It’s a fine example of how a well-made quality wallet doesn’t need to cost the earth. I love the quality, it’s stitchless design and range of features (including coin storage) is an all complete package. I highly recommend this wallet. For more information on the crazy horse craft wallet check out their official website using the link below. 

  • Functionality 78% 78%
  • Design 72% 72%
  • Price 83% 83%



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