The Corkor Bifold Wallet Review

I’ve always been intrigued by wallets made from unique materials not usually seen on the market. Although wallets made from wood have been popular for quite some time this is one of the first times I’ve ever come across a wallet made from Cork – the Bark of the Oak trees most famously found in Portugal. 

That’s exactly where Corkor comes in. This designer brand and label have built their business around developing attractive apparel completely made out of this amazingly versatile and hardy material. Corkor is driven by good morals with an accreditation from the FSC which ensures the protection of the trees it uses to harvest its cork. This means the cork is obtained without harming the forests or trees in which it comes from. 

Corkor has built a range of products that not only look fantastic but meet the needs of helping the world combat global warming and are doing so by creating unique wallets, and other apparel, in an innovative and creative fashion. Let’s now take a look at the Corkor Bi-fold wallet and see what it has to offer you.

Look & Design

What obviously makes the Corkor bi-fold wallet stand out is its material. Cork is an absolutely beautiful material with a unique look and texture. First of all, it’s far more soft and malleable than wood which means wallets can be made from Cork that takes the appearance of traditional looking wallets such as bi-folds.

Cork also has added properties including being extra durable and water-resistant. It also is scratch and stain-resistant. This means the wallet is great for people who perhaps like to travel a lot or partake in more outdoor activities as the wallet can withstand getting wet and can be cleaned very easily. Cork is also an incredibly pleasant material to not only look at, with its amazing textured look but also has a great feel and a smooth texture in the hand. 

Corkor also offers a great, but small, range of different colors to choose from including brown, tan and black. If you’re interested in another wallet in their range then the range of color options available does increase to red and even blue.

The wallet is also a great size. Not too big and not too small coming in at 110 x 92 x 15 (mm). I wouldn’t consider the wallet ‘minimalist’ in size but somewhere in between. What this does is create a nicely proportioned wallet that still has great capacity and functions without compromising size (like most minimalist wallets you come across today).

Functionality & Utility 

The functionality of the Corkor bi-fold is very similar to what you’d expect from a very traditional bifold. Once the bi-fold is opened each side has a great range of capacity with 6 individual card slots (3 on each side) with 2 interior pockets for your least used cards or other paper items like receipts. This gives the wallet a nice capacity for around 6 – 12 cards which is great and more than enough for most people.

The wallet also has 2 top bill compartments for storing your banknotes. I really like the way this is split into 2 separate areas as it means you can easily organize your bills in a systematic way for easier access when needed. These bill slots are also really nice and deep which means they’ll easily fit all currencies from across the world regardless of their size. 

Finally, the Corkor wallet also comes with RFID security as standard. For those who don’t know RFID is a security protocol that prevents criminals from stealing your money when you carry contactless cards with us. These criminals use what is known as a ‘skimming device’ to activate the contactless technology in your credit/debit cards and steal from you without you even realizing it. RFID is a type of shielding mechanism that prevents these devices from working. I highly recommend always purchasing a wallet with RFID if you come from a country where this type of crime is prevalent. 

Price Tag

One thing I love about Corkor is their wallet prices. The Corkor bi fold comes in at a very affordable $39.50 which is a fantastic price given the sustainable aspects of the wallet and the build quality. Corkor is also a highly respected brand so you also get a 2-year warranty and a satisfaction guarantee. 

Final Verdict 

Overall the Corkor Bi-fold wallet is a great all-round wallet that takes the traditional bi-fold and incorporates the fantastic properties Cork, as a material, offers. The wallet feels great in the hand, has ample functionality and just is a pleasure to carry on a daily basis. I really can’t recommend a Corkor wallet enough. For more information on the Corkor Bifold, and other wallets in their range, why not check out our store where we recently became an official retailer of the Corkor range.

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