Bullstrap Terra Wallet Review

Affordability meets Premium Design

The Bullstrap Terra Cardholder is a minimalist leather wallet with an emphasis on sleek design and premium materials. The Bullstrap brand was built on the idea that the market lacked any wallets that met the look and feel they wanted. In principle, its design is very simplistic with an ultra-thin profile, for a great feel in the pocket, and an overall small size coming in at just slightly larger than a standard credit/debit card (3 ¼” x 4”). This design is perfect for people who don’t carry much with them and want a slim sized wallet without any bulk or unnecessary features. The wallet can easily store up to 8 credit/debit cards (2 cards per slot), with physical banknotes can also be stored within the slightly larger ‘middle’ slot. 

Although the exact leather type is specified on their website, The Bullstrap Wallet is clearly made from high-quality Crazy Horse Leather. This leather has a very interesting look and texture. It has an almost wet or damp feel as the leather is pumped with many different oils and waxes to attain this feel. It’s also very soft to the touch and has a much deeper and more matte color (available in black & brown) than other leathers on the market. Overall, the leather is of wonderful quality, is long-lasting and great durability. 

At a price tag of only $39.95, the Bullstap is a great price especially considering its fantastic quality. When comparing the quality to other similar priced wallets the Bullstrap Terra is beyond fantastic and that’s why I think it’s a great fit for people looking for great quality and craftsmanship at a lower-end price. For more information on the Bullstrap Terra Wallet check out their official website using the link below. 

  • Functionality 65% 65%
  • Design 79% 79%
  • Price 80% 80%



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