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The Mark 1 Bond & Knight Wallet Review

Talk of having a wallet that ticks the box for sleekness and durability, and you would be talking about Bond and Knight. What made me curious about this wallet and made me get one for myself is the fact that it’s handmade. Imagine a handmade wallet made from the best of leather. When I laid hands on the bond and knight wallet, I wasn’t disappointed. It was everything I thought it would be, even though it had its little shortcomings. The bond and knight wallet comes in two different, yet similar types. There is the MK1 and the MK2. 

The initial plan was to get one out of the two for myself, so I could test it before getting the other. However, my love for good looking wallets pushed me to get both and give them a test at the same time. I took turns in using both, carefully analyzing the better of both. In the long run, I found out that both are very good wallets in their rights. 

It is a comfortable wallet regarding pocket feel, and it holds a considerable amount of cards without stress. Let’s have a more in-depth analysis of how it looks and how well it functions.

Bond & Knight are independent British leather designers specializing in handmade, bespoke leather goods. Every wallet we produce is completely individual – from the highest grade, naturally tanned Italian leathers we source, to the up and coming new artists we work with – everything about our wallets is unique, and when our best isn’t good enough’.

Look & Design

The Bond and Knight wallet came in a paper bag that contained the boxed wallet and invoice of the purchase. After removing the paper bag, next, I saw was a nice looking box that held the wallet. I unboxed it and met the good looking Bond and Knight wallet. The business card sat comfortably beside the wallet in the box. 

After unwrapping, what I saw impressed me as it was premium leather – arguably the finest leather I have encountered since using and reviewing wallets. The design of the wallet is unique, and this is down to the whole wallet is made from one piece of leather without stitching. The interior impressed me, as it had an added lining of skulls. The additional lining on the wallet helps to tie it together to complete what looked so crisp and sharp.

What impressed me the most is the origami design of the wallet – it gives it a classy and elegant look.

Functionality & Utility 

The MK1 and MK2 differ in the level of functionality. The MK1 is stylish, slim, and strong – it can hold a considerable number of cards, up to 10, and still have space for cash. The MK2 is the smallest wallet from Bond and Knight and it measures only 8 x 9cm. It can hold up to 6 cards while still having some space left for cash.

Dimensions: Approx 10 x 9.4cm

Materials: High grade naturally tanned Italian leather

Lead Time: Handmade and dispatched within 3 working days of order. (This can be quicker should you need it urgently)

Personalization: Up to 4 Characters (More available on request)

Colors: Black, Chestnut, Tan

I really enjoyed the way the cards and cash fit in the wallets. Overall the wallet does a great with easy access to everything you need with little hassle when on the move.

Final Verdict

The Bond and Knight wallet is meant for two different types of people. The MK1 is for those people that carry a considerable amount of cards daily, while still wanting style. The MK2, on the other hand, is for people who like to keep things simple and stylish and not carry loads of cards and cash.

The Bond and Knight wallet is durable and can withstand a lot. I have not experienced wear and tear despite having used the wallet for a considerable number of months. Although, there could be a little crease on the exterior as expected on thin leathers.

Coming in at a price tag of £68.00 for both the M1 & M2 the Bond and Knight range are premium wallets and priced accordingly. If you’re looking for a wallet with a distinctive design and high-quality materials then I would highly recommend this brand. For more information on Bond & Knight – and their range – click the link below.


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