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The Bolstr Slimmy OG Wallet Review

The wallet is called the Slimmy Original wallet. It is a wallet that had looked better every time I use it. I unexpectedly encountered the Slimmy Original wallet. For the Slimmy Original, it is about simplicity and that was what I was searching for when I encountered the wallet. I yearned for something not lousy but effective, I had tried a couple of other wallets but I wasn’t satisfied. In my quest for simplicity, the Slimmy Original appeared on my timeline and I got glued on the spot. It blends a simple yet classy design with security and functionality. 

I searched for a good wallet to accommodate all I carried around without being bulky. I cut down on what I carried and began using a small Office Depot binder clip for my Driver’s license, credit card, debit card, and insurance card. This was my poor man’s money clip and I carried it in my front pocket. When I began looking in earnest for something a little classier, I encountered the slimmy. I didn’t expect it to hold a lot; it doesn’t. But it holds what I want it to. U.S. dollars fit nicely when folded in half. So, I’m pleased with the Slimmy.

It is slim, minimalist, and durable. Let’s take a deeper look into the features of the Slimmy Original.

‘Bolstr (formally Koyono) launched in August of 2014 on Kickstarter as a perfectly sized and minimal small carry EDC bag for men to tote a smartphone, keys, wallet, sunglasses, but not much more. To many people’s surprise, the campaign went on to be 1777% funded in 30 days and was one of Kickstarter’s most successful bag projects’.

Look & Design

The Slimmy original, as it is called, has a slim look and will sit perfectly in your pocket without a bulge. It is well crafted from premium, full-grain, lamb, or steerhide to give it that classy look. The exterior is neatly stitched across the edges to perfection. It has four compartments, with each compartment holding something different, like the cards, receipts, and cards. It comes in a good folded leather and the brown color compliments it.

The Wallet doesn’t just come in Brown through. You also get a nice little range of colors including dark brown, tan and a blackish color. 

Functionality & Utility 

The Slimmy Original is a great mini wallet for securing your cards, as it is built with the security of your cards in mind. It comes with an in-built RFID feature that sits in the card to help protect your cards from online theft and hackers. The access is easy and quick for your items compared to the traditional wallets. The interior texture provides enough friction to prevent anything from coming loose, which means you don’t have to worry about your card falling off from the inside.

The space in the Slimmy Original is big enough to hold up to 10 cards, and there will still be enough space to hold up to 5 receipts and two business cards. No shields on the non-logo side allow for quick access card use without having to take them out, so you don’t have to always go through the stress of taking out your card at every usage.

Final Verdict

Typically I carry a credit card and one or two folded bills on the outer pocket, my credit card, ID, and debit card in the middle pocket, then two very thin MetroCards on the last outer pocket. They all sit very slimmy in my front right pants pocket. It is a well-balanced wallet.

Coming in at $50 + the wallet isn’t without consideration at that price point. I think it serves a great purpose with minimalist and a design that will appeal to some people. For more information on the Bolstr Slimmy Wallet click the link below.


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