Billabong Wallet Review

An Affordable Range of Surfer Wallet

Billabong is probably no stranger to many. Having been established as far back as 1973, they’re a huge brand originating from Australia producing an array of sporting goods and apparel. One of their offerings is a huge selection of men’s wallets to choose from all with the aesthetics you’d expect from a company aimed at sports – mainly surfers. Although we won’t be renewing any one individual wallet in this article, we will be looking at the range as a whole. Looking into their designs, materials, and pricing. 

The First thing to note about Billabong wallets is their choice of materials. While half their range comes in a faux leather fabric (a poor quality one at that), the other half are all made from a much more pleasing durable canvas material. Although I’m not a fan of their choice of leather as faux leather can degrade quickly, Canvas is very much a better option, as it suits the more outdoor/sporty folks with many advantages. This includes being high durability, washable, and fairly water-resistant. 

You won’t find that much variety of design and features with Billabong wallets, but each has its own advantages & disadvantages. With leather & canvas bifolds available, Billabong also provides a nice array of Velco Wallets very much similar to the likes you probably had as a kid. These include such features as a zipper for coins, ID card slots, and storage for more than enough cash and credit/debit cards. Finally, Billabong does a great job of providing some unique identity to their wallets, with many of their range including patternations on the fabric including an ‘all-over-print’ like palm trees, camo, and abstract art. 

Starting at a price tag of $12.95 and only ranging as high as $35.95, Billabong offers great affordability with a great choice for a variety of budgets. These highly affordable and cheap prices reflect Billabong’s choice of ‘less quality’ materials (such as the previously mentioned faux leather). Overall, the Billabong’s range is nothing special with the main advantage being the attractive array of unique patterns, and designs available to choose from. Not to mention their affordability either. For more information on the range of wallets from Billabong, check out their official website by clicking the link below. 

  • Functionality 68% 68%
  • Design 71% 71%
  • Price 88% 88%


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