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If you’re from India then it can be tricky to find certain wallet brands that either ship to India or, if they do, won’t take weeks maybe months to arrive (and that’s not considering high shipping costs). This article is for you. We’re going to look at some of the best Indian wallet brands on the market today that are made, produced, and shipped all within India. 

This article will only include Indian wallet brands and also include information on shipping times, costs, and returns all relevant to those who reside in India. We’re also going to include a few additional (non-Indian) brands at the bottom who also are our top picks for brands that do a great job of shipping internationally with affordability in mind. If you don’t mind waiting or paying a little extra for shipping then why not check out our other articles on some of the best men’s wallets on the market today.

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Wildcraft Wallets

Wildcraft is an older brand first being established in 1998 with the ethos of creating and distributing amazing apparel for those who love the trek and travel lifestyle. Having served more than 3.5 million customers, including the Indian paramilitary & police, you can guarantee great quality, and value for money with all of Wildcraft wallets. 

Although the range of wallets from Wildcraft isn’t huge what they do provide is a strong array of wallets built for the purposes of durability. A great example of this is their Trifold wallet. Along with its distinctive design (and color), the Trifold is made from tough nylon or canvas material that can withstand much pressure, dirt and is entirely washable. This is alongside the wallet’s great capacity for cash, cards, and pocket for coin storage. These attributes are a recurring theme across all their wallet range. 

Starting at a price tag as low as ₹800 and ranging up to ₹1450, the Wildcraft wallets are very affordable, and coupled with their amazing durability I have no issue in recommending the brand for your next wallet. Free delivery within India is available for orders above ₹399 with shipping times vary depending on which part of India you are from. A confirmation email will be sent with accurate shipping times on a customer-by-customer basis. Wildcraft wallets are often sold out so make sure to keep an eye on them when they come back in stock. For more information check out Wildcraft’s official website using the link below. 


Hidesign Wallets

Hidesign was first established as far back as 1978 by founder Dilip Kapur as a hobby expressing his belief in natural materials, sustainability, and minimalist designs. With fashion stores in over 25 countries, and mainly resides in India, Hidesign has become a household name in the leathercraft world and a leader in the fight for global warming and better sustainability in their products. Along with wallets Hidesign also sells a range of apparel including the likes of women’s handbags, jackets, and bags. 

With a range of over 100 different styles of wallets, Hidesign has a fantastic breadth of range allowing you to endless browse through their huge collection of leather wallets. Most of the designs take the shape of a traditional bi-fold, but they also have a small collection of zippers, cardholders, and trifold wallets. An excellent example of this is their popular bi-fold wallet (also known as 363-L103), which sits as one of the most popular on their website. Handcrafted from vegetable-tanned leather, the wallet has a vast array of features including huge cash and card storage, an ID Card slot, and even a zipper for coins. 

Starting at a price tag as low as ₹ 907 and ranging up to ₹ 4,595 Hidesign’s offers a variety of different price points aimed at everyone regardless of their budgets. They also allow having offers on (usually up to 30%) so keep an eye out for them. Hidesign’s offers free shipping within India and orders can take up to 7 days to arrive (average is 2-3) pending COVID issues. For more information on Hidesign, and their range of wallets, check them out officially using the link below. 


Just Tanned Wallets

With cool, trendy, and up to date fashion in mind, Just Tanned is built with a timeless look developing a range that incorporates only the best leathers still being handcrafted in Italian & other European tanneries. Their philosophy stems from bringing this high fashion appeal to everyone to India with items from duffel bags, clothing, and of course men’s wallets. 

Some of the designs are pretty basic, and I must admit their choice of leather (seems like its genuine leather) paired with their pretty basic interior’s made from Polyester leave a lot to be deserted. That being said, and factoring in their amazing affordability, the Just Tanned range of wallets are the perfect choice for people on a strict budget. The huge variety of designs are also worth a mention. From wallets embossed with the Indian flag, though to intricate patterns and colorations, Just Tanned offers hundreds of wallets with designs that allow you to drill into your unique personality and style.

Just Tanned is probably our cheapest brand on this list with many of their wallets having a ‘constant’ 70% sale starting at just ₹ 270, and ranging only as high as ₹ 948. Along with this, Just Tanned offers free shipping within India on all products above ₹ 1499. A small fee will be incurred on orders under this amount (which most wallets do). Shipping takes anywhere up to a week. For more information on the Just Tanned product range check them out using the link below.


Kompanero Wallets

Starting from just a small boutique store in 2014 in the city of Bangalore, Kompanero has quickly grown into a highly respected brand offering a wealth of products (including wallets, bags, and bags) with vintage appeal and contemporary design. Now being available in India, they managed to quickly expand to over 150 stores across Australia and have recently broken the UK high street.

What I love about Kompanero’s range of wallets is their distinctive and vintage look. As soon as you start browsing through the range you’re taken back to a time gone by, and you’d hardly be able to tell whether they were made yesterday or 100 years in the past. Kompanero also provides the most eclectic range of wallets. While other brands simply provide you with the option of a variety of bi-fold style wallets, Kompanero offers an even larger array where you can get your hands on the likes of passport and money clip wallets. 

Starting at a price of around ₹ 2702 and ranging as high as ₹ 4000, Kampanero comes in the top spot for offering the most expensive wallets on this list. That being said, in terms of the design & functionality of the Kompanero range they offer some amazing designs and that does come cheap. Kompanero offers international Shipping & Delivery and can take anywhere from 5 – 10 working days before delivery. For more info on Kompanero check them out at their official website using the link below.


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