The Bellroy Low Wallet Review

The Bellroy Low Wallet is named after its small form factor being designed especially for smaller sized bills such as US Dollars. If you’re reading this from Europe or many other countries (Japan, India, etc..) then unfortunately this wallet won’t be for you. One of the main issues I’ve found with many wallets is their failure to design wallets that properly fit different currencies from across the world. 

Unlike US Dollars many countries differ the size of their bills depending on the denomination. A good example of this is Euros. While their smallest bill, the €5 Euros, comes in at only 120 mm x 62 mm, their largest, €5 Euros, comes in at a massive 160 mm x 82 mm. It’s because of these larger bills that many wallets fail to take into consideration. Although in the case of the Bellroy Low Wallet – it’s intentional. 


Look & Design

As mentioned above, the Bellroy Low Wallet was specially designed with US Bills in mind. Because of this Bellroy was able to create a wallet that is incredibly smaller in size (coming in at: ), but still retaining tons of functionality that many other minimalist size wallets forgo. I personally refer to these ‘in-between’ wallets as hybrid wallets, because they’re not small enough to be considered minimalist but definitely a smaller and preferred size for most. 

Designed in a classic bi-fold style and made from Bellroy’s signature leather, like all wallets in their range the leather is high quality, durable, and rich in color. Although I only used the Low Wallet for around 4 weeks I never noticed any issues with the overall craftsmanship other than the card slots loosening up (common as the leathers stretched out more). Bellroy is also big on their sustainability and is part of the B-Corp movement that guarantees all materials used to create the wallets are sourced from certified leather tanneries and place a great deal of emphasis on care for the environment in an industry notorious for unethical practices. 

Bellroy has also done a great job with the range of customization options available. While other wallets in the Bellroy range have more variety (I’m thinking mainly of the Note Sleeve) the Low Wallet uses stark color and contrast to create a vibrantly unique wallet that really catches my eye. My personal favorite is their tan version which has light-colored leather on the outside yet rich darker blues and reds on the inside (see image below). 


Functionality & Utility 

When it comes to functionality of the Low Wallet has solid overall storage capacity and features. The outside of the wallet does include anything for storage purposes, but inside the wallet has 6 slots total (4 at the front, 1 large full-width slot for bills, and 1 secret slot. This gives the wallet an approximate capacity of anywhere between 4 – 12 cards. As previously mentioned cash fits nicely in the wallet as long as your bills don’t exceed the size of US Dollars. If they do, then you’ll get some overhang where the bills stick outwards above the top of the wallet. 

Apart from cash and card storage that all the Low Wallet offers. Many people might be disappointed by this as many brands today like to cram their wallets full of all sorts of features. This isn’t that wallet. The Bellroy Low wallet serves a specific niche. It’s a great wallet for those who want simplicity in its raw form with a wallet built to last from a great brand. 


Final Verdict

Overall the Low Wallet by Bellroy is a decent wallet with a nice traditional design, quality craftsmanship, and a nice array of features. There’s nothing crazy about the wallet that stands out either way but it does do a great job of maximizing and utilizing a smaller space. That being said, because of the Low wallet’s very traditional design it isn’t that difficult to find many other wallets on the market very similar to it. It might pay to browse through our bi-fold wallet reviews if you’re still unsure. 

Coming in at a price tag of $87.00 The Low Wallet is priced according to other wallets in the Bellroy range. Bellroy has always been a brand that charged a more premium price tag and this isn’t anything different from the Low Wallet. For more information on the Low Wallet check out Bellroy’s official website by clicking the link below. 


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