The ACM Wallet Review

The ACM wallet is a highly unusual and innovative wallet that has been lurking in the shadows for years being available for over 20 years (founded back in 2001) but never achieving much popularity. For me, that’s a little bit sad. The ACM Wallet does something that not many other wallets can do, and it could even be considered one of the first examples of a cascading card, or popup, wallet on the market today. Not only that, but i’d say the ACM Wallet is more efficient than the average pop-up wallet thanks to its segregation aspect where up to 6 buttons can be customized and coded/assigned to individual cards of your choice.

Look & Design

Although subjective, I find the ACM Wallet a really attractive design. The brushed metal appearance is really clean (and minimalist) and has a sort of Apple Inc. aesthetic to it that is great. Along with the wallet itself, you’re also given 18 interchangeable identifying button icons. These all have different designs and are used for identifying which card slot corresponds to what card you want. These buttons come in an array of colors, with others having distinct symbols on them including the logo for Visa, Mastercard, and more. 

Custom engravings and personalization is also something the ACM Wallet does really well. You can decide if you wish to have text, or even images, laser engraved directly on the surface of the metal to create a completely unique wallet. This option is also incredibly cheap and doesn’t cost much more than the wallet itself – perfect for a gift or if you just like the idea of having a truly unique wallet that only you own. 

The only downside is the wallet is prone to scratches and after prolonged use will most likely develop a range of hairline scratches all over the metal surface of the wallet (just something I noticed 1 month in). The wallet isn’t the smallest either. Although its actual dimension is fine (coming in at just slightly larger than a standard credit/debit card), the actual thickness of the wallet comes in at 1.27cm at the top and 1.9com at the bottom, which in my opinion is quite bulky. This can make for quite an uncomfortable carry experience when stored in your pants pocket and create a slight bulge. You wouldn’t want to store this wallet in a back pocket either and I really wouldn’t recommend sitting on it as you would do with other more traditional wallets.


Functionality & Utility 

Where the ACM Wallet really shines is with its unique functionality and the way, especially credit/debit cards, are stored. In a pop-up style, the front of the ACM has 6 dedicated buttons which correspond to 1 of 6 card slots (6 cards total storage). By simply pushing one of the buttons the card in the corresponding slot will be pushed out of the device allow you to grab on and reach out. It really is that simple and is a better version of any cascading card wallet (say from Ekster or Secrid), as it allows for easy storage and organization. 

Along with this, each button can be customized with a dedicated button, whether that be changing its color or its symbol (more on this above). This takes the guesswork out of having to remember which button equates to what card and makes the process of accessing your cards a breeze. On the back of the ACM Wallet, is a money clip. This large clip is fantastic for storing a large number of cards (up to 20 bills) and is high quality, and very secure so you won’t have to worry about cash falling out.

Finally, the ACM Wallet also comes with RFID Protection. In a nutshell, this is a type of security protocol and protects your cards from a crime known as skimming, where contactless payments can be automatically triggered by stealing money from your account. It’s still open to debate as to whether or not RFID is even necessary (as the crime isn’t very common), but it’s nice to have that peace of mind anyhow.


Final Verdict

Overall, I was highly impressed by the ACM Wallet and found it to be a pleasure to use. Its build quality is fantastic using great quality materials, with a timeless and classic look. You only have to look at the positive reviews from customers who have used the wallet for 20 years before finally having to purchase a new one to see the sheer quality the AMC Wallet has to offer. At $59.95, the price is mid-level, but totally worth it in my opinion considering the uniqueness the wallet has to offer. For more information on the ACM Wallet check out their official website using the link below. 


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