The Zoppen Travel Wallet Review

The Good
  • Incredibly versatile with an array of features including (and not limited to) capacity for passports, credit/debit cards, SD Cards, and more. 
  • A great array of color options to choose from (over 36 options) to customize the wallet to your liking. 
  • A very cheap and affordable price tag at only $13.99.
The Bad
  • The leather is quite cheap in quality (which is why the wallet’s so cheap) so it feels poor and might not be entirely durable. It’s questionable whether the wallet would last over prolonged use. 

You will love this nylon fabric travel wallet beginning with the first time you pack for a trip using it. The Zoppen RFID Documents Organizer and Wallet is the perfect accessory for seasoned or novice travelers. The Travel wallet provides a great array of must-have features for budding travelers who find themselves jetting off more often than not and what a simple, and effective way to carry things like your passport, travel documents, and even a pen. 

Zoppen is an Amazon-only brand and doesn’t sell its products anywhere else other than the platform. I couldn’t find any information on the history of the brand which suggests to me they’re more of a Chinese reseller brand (people buy in bulk from China at wholesale and resell to western markets at a higher price). Just something to keep in mind before we get into a full review.


Look & Design

This travel wallet is durable and made to last, constructed from high-quality materials that will hold up to any travel conditions you subject them to. This means you can use it for trips for years, or even decades, to come. In fact, it may be the only travel wallet you ever need again. You will definitely want to keep it around for a long time, as no trip is quite as hassle-free and easy without this wallet as your essential companion.

The only downside I’ve found to the wallet is its choice of material. Made from ECO-Friendly PU leather, it is of lower quality and that can immediately be felt with its cheap and flimsy feel. Although I’ve not used the wallet extensively I do have worries about the overall integrity of the Zoppen and how well it would last over a prolonged period of time. 

The Zoppen Travel Wallet is also available in a range of wonderful and exotic color options. You don’t need to stick to the classic (and frankly boring) black or brown colors as the Zoppen provides such options as pink, blue, purple, and yellow. 


Functionality & Utility 

There is plenty of room in this wallet for anything you need to bring with you. This includes a plethora of slots for your passport, credit cards, ID, cash, visa, and more. There is also a pouch for your phone built into the wallet, which makes assessing it at any point in your trip a simple thing. There is also a compartment for holding money if you want a little extra security for your cash.  There is a wrist strap for this wallet if you want to have it on you at all times, and do not want to put it in a suitcase or purse. That is an additional convenience feature you will enjoy.

Even better, this wallet is water-resistant, so you can get it wet in the rain, or even in the unlikely event of a travel accident, and your belongings will be completely protected. The wallet itself will come out virtually unscathed, as well. You will never know it was wet in the first place and can use it again as much as you like, with it still looking brand new.

You will want to store this wallet in a purse or a suitcase because it isn’t a good size for pants pockets, so keep that in mind. You might be able to fit it into the pocket of a sweater or coat, however. This is a longer wallet than average for most travel wallets, but its durability and options for usefulness make up for that with ease. It is long enough to even hold a boarding pass for an airplane, which is perfect for air travelers because you won’t have to keep that document in a different location where it might get lost as you make your way to the gate.


Final Verdict

At a price tag of only $13.99, the Zoppen Wallet is a fantastic, versatile, and all-around great wallet. This price tag is incredibly affordable so you really can’t complain. Overall, this is an excellent wallet for any kind of travel, whether domestic or overseas, and whether you are going by plane, train, boat, or car. It is also a good choice for those who travel a lot, and those who only travel once in a while. It is a wallet that will meet all of your travel wallet needs with ease, and leave you a happy traveler indeed. For more information on the Zoppen Zip Wallet check out their Amazon page using the link below.


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