What Wallets do Celebrities Carry?

Ever wondered what wallets Celebrities carry with them on a daily basis? We got curious so we started delving into the mad world of celebrity culture hoping to find some answers to what was popular among male celebrities of today. Now the list we provide below is no way near as detailed or extensive as it should be. It was a lot more difficult than we initially anticipated to find this information so we had to go on paparazzi photographs and limited info from talk shows, and interviews. That being said, we’re dedicated to discovering more. We’ve directly contacted many celebrities on Twitter and Instagram simply asking and will continually update this article as more information comes in. 

Celebrity Wallet Trends

The trends in Celebrities’ wallets seem to be quite different from what most people carry with them. Many go for the Murse option (a men’s purse), while others simply rock larger long style wallets with zipper compartments. As you’d imagine many celebrities carry designer goods with them. Think of the likes of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, or Prada. 


Goyard Wallet

Carried by Orlando Bloom, Actor

Orlando Bloom is an A-List Actor most famous for his roles in the Pirates of the Caribbean series of films. In 2018 he was photographed with his custom-designed and personalized Goyard Cardholder style wallet. This Goyard brand is a design brand first established all the way back in 17xx in France. They provide a variety of leather apparel, including wallets, with an emphasis on their unique patternation and variety of customization options. 

The exact wallet picture with Orlando Bloom is the minimalist version of their wallet – the Goyard Cardholder. Orlando himself has customized it with a monogram on the front, with the initials OB taking center stage on the front, and custom colors including vibrant colors. Orlando Bloom himself went for a stark red/maroon color for his Goyard Wallet.

The exact price tag of Goyard goods are not available online and can only be found by visiting their boutiques directly. The being said, they can go second hand on the market for hundreds and hundreds of dollars at their highest. Overall, I think Goyard is definitely one of the more creative designer wallets you can find on the market. I love their distinct patternation, simple yet classy designs, and range of personalization options. For more information on this wallet carried by Orlando Bloom check out the official Goyard website using the link below. 


The Dura Wallet

Carried by Luke Perry, Actor

The Dura Wallet is a typical ‘as seen on TV’ wallet that was carried by the late Luck Perry when he appeared on US Weekly back in 2017 to talk about ‘what’s in his wallet’. The wallet in question is a Tyvek style bi-fold renowned for its thinness and ultra-lightweight disposition. Tyvek itself can also be described as a paper-like material that’s been coated in something to help keep the paper more durable over time. The wallet is pretty basic with its functionality, with 6 credit card pockets,2 on each side, and a full-width slot for bills. It stores about 1 – 12 credit/debit cards with room for enough cash. 

Overtime the wallet begins to form a sort of ‘patina’ that causes creases and a unique texture on the wallet. You can clearly see in Luke Perry’s Dura Wallet it looks worn down and different from a brand new Dura Wallet. Luke Perry also added some standard store-bought elastic bands to his wallet to help keep it closed, something that isn’t uncommon for people to do. 

The Dura Wallet is by far the cheapest wallet on this list. In fact, it comes in at only $16.99, for two of them, which firmly makes it one of the cheapest wallets I’ve ever reviewed. The wallet itself is nothing special but it does a great job of streamlining your EDC and keep it lightweight. For more information on the Dura Wallet check out their listing on Amazon using the link below.


Cafe Supply Berry Wallet

Carried by David Beckham, Footballer

David Beckham is a popular ex-footballer who was photographed carries this distinctive Berry (red) colored bi-fold back in 2019. I tried using all the research I had to figure out the exact brand of the wallet but couldn’t do so. So I went on a little tangent to find the closest wallet I could find to the one photographed in the picture. 

The closest wallet I could find was the Cafe Leather supply a brand I’ve been familiar with in the past. The wallet in question is there slim leather bi-fold, a classic and elegantly designed wallet with a great compromise between size, style, and functionality. The wallet itself can carry up to 14 cards with a full-width cash slot for bills. The leather is made from thick premium full-grain leather that over time develops a beautiful patina with distinct markings to more you use it. 

We’ve never exactly known the exact wallet owned by David Beckham but we can at least make such great affordable guesses for people who want a similar one to him. The Cafe Leather Wallet is a fantastic quality wallet, simple in design, and affordable in price tag coming in at $130.00. This is an astonishing price as the premium nature of the wallet excels quality more than other wallets at higher prices. For more information on the Cafe Supply wallet check out their official website using the link below.


Gucci Zip Wallet

Carried by Chris Hemsworth, Actor

Last year Chirs Hemsworth (Thor Actor) appeared on a talk show to talk about his experience losing his wallet and how a 17-year-old tracked him down to give it back. As thanks, Chris Hemsworth gave him a reward of $10,000. During the interview, Chris took out the wallet and gave us a quick glimpse of his Everyday Carry. After much research and some guessing, I think I’ve discovered the wallet to be a classic Gucci Zip Wallet

The wallet is a black zip wallet with a grey rim and a vibrant gold zipper. I couldn’t find the exact style of this wallet on the Gucci Website but the images below show an all-black version, in the same compact style, that Chris was carrying with him. The wallet itself is made from a premium full-grain leather and a beautiful design. Zipper wallets are an interesting design. All the contents of the wallet are stored inside a pouch much like a mini purse or backpack. Inside has room to store many cards, cash, and even smaller items like coins or keys. 

Coming in at a price tag of around $650.00 this is a typically priced wallet for a designer brand like Gucci. The wallet itself is a nice design, has good capacity thanks to its zipper style, and made from premium materials. The main reason someone would purchase this wallet is entirely down to the highly regarded Gucci brand so keep that in mind. For more information on the Gucci Zip Wallet check out their website using the link below.


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