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The Vandium Titanium Wallet Review

The Good
  • One of the best and most unique designs I’ve ever come across. 
  • Amazing quality materials including the use of aerospace-grade titanium and carbon fiber.
  • Includes RFID Security as standard.
  • A great array of different customization options including a vibrant array of colors. 
The Bad
  • No dedicated slot for physical cash (banknotes). They need to be folded and stored in the same place as cards.
  • The price tag is very high coming in between 499 USD to 999 USD. This is the most expensive wallet I’ve ever reviewed. 

Every now and then I come across a wallet that stands out more than any other wallet I’ve ever seen. A wallet so unique in design it really makes you think about what is, and what isn’t, possible in the world of design. The Vandium Titanium Wallet is exactly this and has one of the most unique designs I’ve ever seen in a wallet.

The Singapore based luxury brand first rose in 2015 and was inspired by the country’s humble beginnings having risen into the technologically advanced country we see today. With a futuristic design inspired by what ‘could be’ the design or style of the future. Using advanced machine artistry and engineers with the most advantaged skills and materials GRAY® continues to innovate in a way I’ve never seen in any wallet brand.

‘GRAY® created the Vandium with an aim to strip your wallet down to its most essential and minimal form for the world of tomorrow. With the pervasive spread of card-accepting venues and the advent of mobile wallet technologies, the world has started to transition into a cashless and coinless society’.

Look & Design

The major selling point for the Vandium Wallet is its unique design. With Bold architectural lines and angular design, the Vandium takes its inspiration from the aerodynamic shape of hypersonic planes with influences from retro-futurism for what could have or could have been our future. 

Crafted from a range of materials the outside body of the Vadium is made from aerospace-grade titanium creating a fantastic look, feel, and weight coming in at just 72 grams. Combined with internal carbon fiber plates the wallet is known for using only the highest quality materials including a strong and durable elasticated band in the middle for increased card storage and flexibility. 

Put all these materials together and you get the unique look and feel of the Vandium Titanium wallet. The wallet is also available in a range of different colors, applied directly to the metal, to create a unique coloration to the wallet. These colors are not always available at one time as GREY® creates wallets with limited quantities that range at different prices. These colors include the standard black and silver versions but also come in gold and aurora (a rainbow effect). Prices are dictated by the limited quantity available worldwide.  

Functionality & Utility 

The Vandium Wallet isn’t just a pretty face, but also has a great array of features to satisfy any wallet lover. The first thing to mention is the sleek minimalist size that firmly puts it in the category of slim wallet. Coming in at just 86mm x 55mm x 10mm the wallet is not that much bigger than your typical credit/debit card and is thin enough to be easily stored in a back pocket without being felt. 

The Vandium has 2 big openings on both sides letting you access your 2 most popular cards with just a swipe of your thumb. The Vandium’s versatile card capacity is also worth noting. Using a flexible elastic band the wallet can be stretched to accommodate a great range of cards from 1 all the way up to a max of 15. I wouldn’t recommend going as high as 15 (as it really bulks out the wallet) and found a midway point of around 7 to be a great range. Although the wallet doesn’t have a dedicated way of storing any physical cash (banknotes) this can still be easily secured in the same capacity as cards. 

Finally, the Vandium also has RFID security built-in as standard. For those who don’t know, RFID is a security protocol that helps protect your contactless credit/debit cards against so-called ‘card skimmers’ that can activate the wireless technology in your cards and steal your money. I’ve written extensively about RFID in the past, and whether or not it’s worth having it, so you can read more on this in our article ‘Is RFID necessary’. 

Price Tag

So here’s the bad news, GRAY® is a company who don’t shy away from extremely expensive prices for every product they produce. They are without a doubt the most expensive wallet brand I’ve ever come across and reviewed and that’s evident in the Vandium’s price tag of between 499 USD to 999 USD. Is this worth the price? That’s really not for me to say. Luxury items exist for a reason no different from price watches that can reach over $50K. 

This is a wallet of extreme quality and unique design and is made to reflect that by the small number of people who could ever consider purchasing this wallet. If you’re reading this review then maybe you’re in that 1%? 

Final Verdict

As a luxury brand, Grey put a lot of emphasis on the exclusivity of their products. The Vandium Titanium wallet is no different as models can be limited to 50 – 100 pieces worldwide making it quite a rare wallet.

The Vandium Titanium wallet is recommended. It’s a fantastic take on a minimalist wallet with a fantastic whimsical design that cannot be compared to any other wallet I’ve ever come across. It’s sleek design and amazing use of high-quality materials is something to be envied by all and you’d do a lot worse than having the Vandium as your next wallet. For more information on the Vandium Titanium Wallet check out their official website by clicking the link below.


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