EOS 2.0 Titanium Wallet Review

The Machine Inspried Titanium Beauty

Founded in 2011, EOS is an American-based company that specializes in the design and production of a huge array of functional and everyday carry (EDC) gear. With a unique spin with innovative and unique designs, all EOS products stand out from the crowd with an emphasis on precision, strength, and long-lasting goods. Today we’re going to take a closer look at one of the most popular wallets in their range – The EOS 2.0 Titanium Wallet. This minimalist-sized wallet has a fantastic machined look to it and has all the qualities of a highly durable tactical wallet. 

Coming in at 9.0 x 5.5 x 0.86 cm the EOS Wallet is a very compact-sized wallet made from minimalists who want a more slim-sized wallet for maximum efficiency. Its choice of material adds to this with its CNC Machined  5 titanium perfectly accommodates its smaller size thanks to its durability, lightweights, and corrosion-resistant properties. Its overall design might split opinion with an industrial look and feel with an ornate highly complex design on the front. 

The wallet’s functionality is comparable to most metal wallets that take a similar approach to card storage and access. In total, the wallet can store up to 20 credit/debit cards stored in a stacking mechanism between its two titanium plates. The cards and plates are held in place with the tension provided by 6 rubber ‘O’ rings that provides the required elasticity to keep cards secured and in place. 

In general, 20 is probably a little too much for this wallet as the more you store the bulkier the wallet gets and the harder it becomes to easily find and access cards. Somewhere between 3 – 6 credit/debit cards seem to be the optimal amount for me, but this will differ from person to person. 

The EOS Titanium wallet comes in at a price tag of $125.00 which is on the higher side of the price spectrum compared to certain other metal wallets such as certain versions of the Ridge Wallet. Is this wallet value for money? It’s hard to say, like any product its price is indicative of its exemplary design, build quality, and premium materials. I really enjoyed my time using this wallet, and for those who have the budget, think it would be a great addition to your EDC. For more information on the 2.0 Titanium Wallet by EOS visit their official website using the link below.

  • Functionality 65% 65%
  • Design 86% 86%
  • Price 70% 70%


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