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Top Features to Look for in a Wallet

Wallets come in all different shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for a wallet with more functionality then you might be wondering what different options are out there for you. In the last decade, the range of features on offer in a wallet has explored for the innovative quick-access slots, through to more obscure features like the inclusion of a pen. 

In this article, I’m going to go through some of the best features different wallets have to offer and give my verdict on whether or not they’re worth all the hype. I’m also going to provide suggestions – for each feature – of my favorite wallets.  Let’s drive straight in.

What is a wallet feature?

Gone are the day’s wallets are simply used for storing cash and a few cards. People are constantly looking for ways to simplify and improve the way they carry things in their everyday life and if there’s one thing every man carries its a wallet. 

When we talk about a wallet feature I’m talking about something added onto the wallet to either 1. Improve the way traditional features work (such as card or cash storage) and 2. Innovative in what the wallet is capable of doing (like storing other items such as keys). 

Most wallets with added features tend to be much larger than certain other wallets. I’m of course talking about minimalist or slim wallets which have been all the craze in recent years as we’re typically carrying less and less (thanks to smartphones mainly). Because of this, keep in mind, that if you’re looking to ‘downsize’ your wallet then one crammed with quirky or innovative features might not be for you.

RFID Functionality

In an ever-increasing technology-based word wallets have to keep up with new trends and innovations in the way we spend our money. This is most evident in the way we pay. Contactless payments are becoming the norm. For those living in a country that is yet to harness this technology, it’s basically a way to pay with a card without using chip and pin. 

But this technology has lead to a new type of cybercrime. Credit card skimming is the act of criminals stealing money with this technology swiping your card that uses it. I wouldn’t say this type of crime is very prevalent at the moment, buy as contactless payments become to norm it’s sure to be on the rise. 

The way this crime is combatted is with a technology called RFID. Without getting too technical it basically shields your credit or debit cards for thefts to prevent them from theft. Wallet brands implement this into the wallet so regarding criminals attempts. 

Example: Check out our RFID Wallet Page

Quick access slots

Some wallets can be a little fiddly when it comes to accessing and using credit or debit cards. Some wallets stacks them on top of each other which creates an almost card sandwich which isn’t ideal and inhibits how quickly and efficiently you access your cards when out and about. 

Although this issue and be solved with some simple and innovative design some wallets have created what’s known as a ‘quick access slot’. Usually implemented with a little pull tab it enables you to quickly and swiftly access cards with a simple pull of a lever without having to fumble around.

Example: Bellroy Bi-Fold Wallet

Money Clip Wallets

Money clips are functional as they help secure your wallet’s notes in an easy to access manner. Money clips are usually seen on slimmer (Minimalist) wallets which forgo the full-width banknote slot to help minimize its size.

Why not check out our full article on the best money clip wallets on the market today.

Example: Wallum M1 Wallet

Coin Pouch 

Coins have always been the pain of the wallet world. Most men resort to simply carrying loose change in their pockets but this is hardly ideal in my opinion. The traditional coin pouch also isn’t much better either. Usually, it adds too much bulk to the wallet hindering other features and looking a mess. 

To combat this issue many wallets have innovated in the way they store coins. Gone are the days where a basic zipper is used and manufacturers are getting creative with the way this is done. Why not check out our review on the top zipper wallets (coin storage) wallets for 2020.

Example: Bellroy Coin Wallet

Do your notes fit properly?

Some wallets simply don’t fit all currencies and banknotes far too small. You end up with either note poking out the top of the wallet or having to fold the note for it to fit correctly. This isn’t a good thing. It slows down taking out and putting notes in the wallet and If it can be avoided should be.

Make sure to look out for a wallet dimensions to make sure your currencies banknotes will fit. If in doubt, contact the wallet manufacturer to confirm.

Example: Bond & Knight Wallet

Card Capacity

How does your current wallet store its cards? If you’re someone who has a lot of cards (say 12+) then it can sometimes be difficult to find a wallet that not only accommodates that amount but also does it in an effective and easy to access way. 

Making sure the wallet you choose has a great number of card slots to meet your needs is important when choosing your next wallet. But some wallet achieves this better than others. Whether that be through the overarching design of the wallet or neat little features to make ease of access better. 

Example: Checkbook Wallets

Smart Features

Smart features are one of the newest innovations on the block. To put it simply a smart feature is one in which your wallet integrates with other technologies – usually your smartphone – to create a technology-infused wallet. 

Some examples of this include wallet tracking (GPS feature that allows you to locate a lost wallet) or even implement into how you pay on a daily basis. Companies are continually innovating in this regard and in 2020 – and beyond – I bet we’ll get some even more interesting and useful smart features going forward. 

Example: Esker Wallet or Cuir Air Voyager Wallet


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