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The Wezel Wallet Review

Sometimes a wallet just catches your eye for some particular reason. In the case of the Wezel Wallet is no surprise to why. This unique Wallet is cleverly designed to easily transform into a mobile device stand whenever you want. Its innovations like these that always keep motivating me to review more wallets.

 So let’s take a look at how good and useful this wallet is practice and does the stand actually work?

Look & Design

On the surface, the Wezel Wallet looks like your typical bog-standard wallet. The wallet hosts 2 card slots that can store up to 8 cards and 1 quick access slot on the front for your most-used cards. Wezel says the wallet can also hold up to 10 bills, or notes, but I found this to be an over-exaggeration at best. Just like many minimalist wallets, like the Wezel, it doesn’t have a dedicated note slot. Because of this, you’ll typically need to fold your notes up to a smaller size before you store them.

The wallets are made from thick top grain leather which smells and feels amazing. The build quality is superior compared to many wallets I’ve reviewed in the past which, for its price, is very impressive. The Wezel comes in 4 distinct yet very attractive colors including saddle (red), black, buckskin (light brown) and coffee (dark brown). Overall I can’t complain about the look and feel of the wallet.

Functionality & Utility 

Obviously we have to talk about Wezel’s definitive feature, the smartphone stand. But before we do, let’s talk about the general functionality of the wallet. As mentioned above the wallet can hold a variety of cards and notes. The issue I found with the wallet when using it in daily life, is cards get trapped easily and it’s generally not very user-friendly. At best the wallet performs satisfactory and you should keep that in mind when considering a Wezel Wallet. 

Now onto the moment, we’ve all been waiting for. How the wallet functions as a phone stand. The setup is really rather simple. The wallet lies face down protruding the spine of the wallet face up. This is what the phone will prop itself upon. From here the phone uses the loose leather of the quick access slot for support in keeping it upright. Watch the video below for more information on how it works. In terms of its practicality, it works exactly as expected. It’s stable and won’t fall over, while easy to erect.  The only issue I found with it was I simply wouldn’t use it. But if you find yourself watching a lot of YouTube, or Netflix on your mobile device then it might be right for you.

But the Wezel uses images of the wallet using a pretty old iPhone to showcase how the stand feature works. With phones gradually getting bigger and bigger in size I was worried about the wallet would cope with a larger modern-day wallet. With some testing, It was clear that as a stand it doesn’t work as well with larger smartphones as it comes with some stability issues. Don’t get me wrong, the Wezel wallet does work with larger phones but it’s simply not as effective the larger phone you have.

Final Verdict

A simple wallet with a hidden feature never before seen in a wallet. Does it function as intended? Yes. But is the wallet good enough to constitute a fairly unique and potentially unused feature? That’s entirely down to personal opinion. If a phone stand is something you want then this would make a great, affordable wallet for you. For more information on the Wezel wallet visit their website by clicking the link below.


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