The Trayvax Element Wallet Review

Sometimes a wallet just grabs your attention. Whether that be because of its price, material or design. Luckily the Trayvax wallet covers all three of these reasons (although for different reasons) and I couldn’t help myself when it came to buying one. Minimalism is definitely a popular trend in wallet manufacturers at the moment but when you combine it with a rustic unusually unique design you may be onto a winner.

There are many minimalist wallets, but there are not all excellent. While looking for an excellent one, I encountered the Trayvax Element. The Trayvax Element is one of the most durable wallets I have laid my hands on and used. The material is sturdy, and it comes in a very stylish design made from top-grain leather which looks the part and is sure to last. Let me take you into the world of the Trayvax Element.

“The Trayvax Element offers a rugged take on a classic leather wallet. We begin with a tough stainless-steel plate wrapped in top-grain oil-tanned leather and secured with MIL-SPEC paracord. The slim wallet is packed with features including a built-in bottle opener, integrated money clip, attachment point, and RFID-protection. The Element is slim enough for any outdoor pursuit, but stylish enough for date night or everyday carry”.

Look & Design

The Trayvax Element is a stylish wallet made from leather and metal; this combination makes it so durable which is an attribute I like in a wallet. The leather is top-grain and oil-tanned and one of the best I’ve seen on a wallet. It’s the same leather you will find in several high-quality shoes. The wallet has a frame made from stainless steel.

My Trayvax Element wallet came in Tobacco Brown color that I loved. It comes in five different colors of leather and eight color combinations. It also comes in either a raw or black metal frame; mine came in the good looking black metal frame. The Element is small and can fit into your palm, as well as your front pocket, which makes it easy to carry around.

The Trayvax also offers you an engraving service – for a small price – whether you can get your own custom lettering embossed onto the metal. A unique feature for sure and something nice if you want something more personal and unique. 

Functionality & Utility 

 The Element comes with RFID blocking that helps me safeguard my cards against wireless theft. The snap-button closure also helps to secure the contents from falling off. The Element can hold about 3-10 cards at most and a few bills that are always safely held in by the money clip at the back of the wallet. I, however, find it difficult to fit more than 7-8 cards in my Element wallet. 

The Element came in with an innovation that has been useful for me in the bottle opener designed into the frame. I don’t have to desperately look for openers when having a drink. One thing I don’t like about the Element, though, is that I have to take out each card to access the card I need. The good thing is I don’t carry many cards around in the Element.

Final Verdict

The Trayvax Element is a great minimalist wallet, and its rugged nature makes it an everyday choice – it has been named as one of the toughest wallets ever made. The fact that it fits into the front pocket is also great. There is good value for money spent as it comes at the price of $69.99. For more information on the Trayvax wallet click the link below.


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