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The Huberton Wallet Review – A Gateway Minimalist Wallet

The Hubbardton wallet is probably one of the slimmest wallets I’ve reviewed in a while. I’d go as far as to consider the wallet one level above most minimalist wallets as it’s an incredibly simplistic design with the only goal of looking nice and slim lining your daily carry significantly. This wallet won’t be for everyone. If you carry many cards and a lot of cash then I’d say away from this wallet already. Nevertheless, if an ultra-minimalist wallet is something you strive to move towards then keep reading. 

The Huberton wallet duly gave me the style that looks attractive in a neat little package, which was that simple but solid look while still offering functionality as I wanted. A top quality wallet made in Spain, it has been a great wallet while having only a few faults, which can be overlooked. Here’s an in-depth look into the Huberton Wallet.

“We are bringing a new approach to wallets. Our creation is a new wallet made in Spain using genuine leather, inspired in functionality and a design that fits most of the users. It holds securely everything you will need: up to 8 cards, cash, receipts, and more. Every line and every cut are carefully made for a perfect fit. It has a lined interior. The edges have been reinforced and colored to get high-end quality. The logo is engraved to prevent erasing”

Look & Design

The Huberton wallet holds its pride in its look. The simple, yet elegant look of the wallet is it’s one of its major selling points. I love the fact that I had to choose between so many colors as I had a series of options. The Huberton comes in six major colors of carbon, mocha, tiger, cobalt, garnet, and forest. It has a further six colors, which is a mixture of all these colors. It sports a slim and elegant design, which makes it fit into my back pocket smoothly. 

Made from top quality leather, which I particularly love, leather from Spain. Its soft finish and lined interior are a joy to behold as the stitches are tight and smooth. The edges are specially treated and reinforced. The Huberton is not a front pocket minimalist wallet, though, as its width might be an issue, and I would have loved that along with its style.

Functionality & Utility 

 The Huberton isn’t an RFID protected wallet, which I find quite surprising as its security against wireless theft might be an issue. On the bright side, you don’t have to remove your cards from your wallets all the time for scanning.  The wallet holds five pockets, with two on the outer spaces. I fit in up to six cards into mine, but it can hold up to eight. The different pockets in the interior can hold banknotes if you need to carry cash, as well as receipts, IDs and more. 

The wallet actually has 5 distinct pockets to store your stuff in. A main one at the top which I use for my most used cards (1 or 2) and a variety on the sides which I use for cash and receipts if needed. The top slot is divided into two which is nice for better organization and I found this much needed to help get easier access to the cards I want when I want. Without this access to your cards can be very fiddly as the cards stick together and you end up having to take them all out just to find the correct one – a nice addition.

  • Top-quality genuine leather.
  • Made in Spain.
  • Soft finish and lined interior.
  • Special treated and reinforced edges.
  • 5 pockets.
  • Holds up to 8 cards, cash, receipts and more.
  • 4 mm x 70 mm x 100 mm (0.15” x 2.75” x 3.93”).
  • Only 20g (0.7 oz)

Final Verdict

The Huberton is specially designed for style as a lot of attention was put into leather quality and the look of the wallet. However, the RFID function that is absent might make it not as rated as it ought to be. Cannot complain too much, though, as it comes at $27.00 which is very reasonable. With top quality leather, a well thought out minimalist design and an affordable price tag I would recommend the Huberton wallet for those people looking for their first minimalist wallet. The price tag is fair and it’s a great gateway wallet for those looking to purchase their first minimalist/slim wallet.

For more information on the Huberton why not visit their website by clicking here. 

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