The Edwin Minimalist Wallet – A Wallet to Remember?

The Edwin Wallet is a breath of fresh air in a sea of very boring wallets. What makes it so unique for me is its distinct look with its odd shape, various hexagon shapes cut out of its plastic-framed body and it’s very distinctive money clip. I’m sure I’m not the only one here but it very much resembles a binder/crocodile clip. The ones we had in primary school and occasionally trap my fingers. Who knows where the guys at Hive Design got the inspiration for this wallet from but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the classic clip.

The Edwin Wallet began life as a Kickstarter campaign in 2015 over 2 years ago now and raised over $35,000. So what defines a $35,000 worth of wallet ingenuity and design?  The wallet was designed with simplicity and durability in mind. The wallet has no screws and no elastic bands that degrade over time. The metal of the wallet was specifically chosen to keep the wallet light and prevent any rust. Let’s take a look at the Edwin in more detail.

The simplicity of a binder clip and organization of a wallet. Easily access cash, a primary card, and secondary essentials with style’. – Edwin Wallet

Look & Design

If you’re considering purchasing the Edwin wallet then you must have been drawn to its highly distinctive and unique designs. The first alliteration, dubbed the classic, is fairly plain. On the other hand, the plus model is far more enthusiastic, so to speak, and will be the main focus of this review. With a geometric series of shapes, grooves, and cuts the Edwin Wallet has had a lot of thought gone into its design. Personally speaking, I really think it’s a classy, yet modern design interpretation of what a wallet could look like. If Apple was to release a wallet I’d think they’d come up with something like the Edwin which is something of a compliment if I do so say.

The Edwin wallet is available in a range of colors which really adds to its personality. I got the white but the black and green both look stunning in their own right. Other colors include blue, brown and grey. See below for a full breakdown of what each cutout does in terms of a function. It’s clever to see the functionality of the design come into play with useable features. 

Functionality & Utility 

The Edwin plus model is jam-packed with a variety of features for the everyday man and blends seamlessly into its design. For example, the bumps and ridges of the wallet become Flathead screwdrivers, holes become hex wrenches (whatever they are) and grooves become the most handy bottle opener you’ll ever own. Each tool, although perhaps not necessary for most men, do add value to the wallet, and work very well in practice. 

In terms of the wallets function for card and cash storage I,m kind of on the fence. The binder clip style for holding cash is very effective and enjoyable to use. Having a spring-loaded latch its a nice compromise between traditional wallets and a slim down approach. Unfortunately, notes will still need to be folded when stored in the Edwin and this is something you have to deal with. Cards can get trapped very easily and if you’re not paying attention while taking or putting back cards they could easily fall out. Nevertheless, this issue didn’t come up that often and was usually when I was rushing. 

Full List of Features (Pro version only):

  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Phillips Head screwdriver
  • Durable Coating. Prevents Scratches
  • Bottle Opener
  • Wire arm for holding down cash

Usability & Practically

When I used this wallet as my daily carry I found it to be a mixture of good and bad. On one hand, it’s compact nature is fantastic and is a perfect size for minimalist lovers. But It’s general functionality, accessing cash and cards, left a lot to be desired. It’s wallets like this that make me better appreciate the classic functionality of a leather wallet. The wallet cuts corners to allow for a smaller size and I sometimes wonder if it’s even worth it.

I also didn’t use any of the additional features which are clearly aimed towards more hands-on men. I never found myself in a situation where I needed a screwdriver or a bottle opener so these features seemed more of a gimmick or novelty than anything. 

The Edwin Wallet also has RFID functionality which adds ample security. For those who don’t know, RFID security is an integrated mechanism for preventing contactless card fraud. Card skimming – as it’s called – is slowing becoming an increasing threat to consumers when shopping and its nice Edwin included this as standard in their wallet. 

Final Verdict

An interesting and attractive wallet. It has a range of unique features but its core wallet functionality is not the best. This isn’t a wallet I’d recommend to the everyday Joe. Things like the screwdrivers seem cool but end up being basically useless to most men in daily life. 

Coming in at $37.95 the Edwin wallet is a reasonable price but still expensive compared to other similar wallets on the market. You can also have a custom engraving for an additional $10.00 which is nice. For more information on the Edwin Wallet visit their website by clicking the link below.


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