The Status Anxiety Otis Wallet Review

The Good
  • High-quality build quality and materials used.
  • Range of amazing and unique features including an integrated zipper for coin and small-item storage.
  • A great guarantee and a 12-month warranty. 
  • A great brand with a noble cause and brand identity. 
The Bad
  • Nothing bad to say (hooray)!

If there’s one thing that surprised me was the sheer quality of wallets and brands from across the pond. I’m of course talking about Australia. With quality wallet brands like the popular Bellroy, I was pleasantly pleased when I came across another high-quality wallet brand by the name of Status Anxiety who specialises in clothing apparel and accessories. 

The story revolving around the odd name ‘Status Anxiety’ comes from the idea that we as humans beat ourselves up over our perceived status in society (high or low) and this causes emotional pain. The brief quote from the Status Anxiety website really does a beautiful job of explaining it better.

‘Status Anxiety is the social condition caused by comparing ourselves to those around us. It’s measuring how we’re doing in terms of possessions, appearance and job titles etc resulting in status anxiety. It’s no coincidence the question you get asked when you first meet someone is ‘what do you do?’ This status anxiety can cause us to make decisions with our time and money that compromise what we really value in order to be ‘successful’.’

Their mantra is to ‘live simply’ and have a minimalist slant to all their designs which are handmade in their Sidney studio. Overall, Status Anxiety is trying to send a message and a poignant one at that. I think they’ve created a fantastic and unique brand and have instilled this into all their products ranging from their wallets through to bags, belts, and watches. 


Look & Design

On the surface, the wallet looks like any typical bi-fold you’re used to. But with Status Anxiety the eye is in the detail and the more you use the Otis wallet the better it gets. The first thing to note is it’s cleverly designed size. Coming in at 103 x 75 x 9mm. The wallet isn’t small enough to be considered a minimalist wallet but sits somewhere in between a smaller and larger wallet. This is great because the wallet keeps to a smaller size but doesn’t by default compromise the overall functionality of the wallet. I like to call these types of wallet’s hybrids.

The next great thing about Status Anxiety is the quality of their range of wallets. All their wallets are made from full-grain Italian leather (ethically sourced) that smells amazing on unboxing and has an ultra-smooth finish. This is also enhanced by the wonderful packaging and impeccable stitching that really provide a high-quality premium look and feel. The Otis wallet also comes with a small range of nice colors including Black, a range of browns (light & dark), and a cream.


Functionality & Utility 

The Otis wallet by Status Anxiety really shines with its complete range of functionality that’ll satisfy most. To start with the wallet does a great job of storing banknotes with a Full-width top slot that fits notes flush in an easy to access (and classic) bi-fold style. The slot is also roomy enough to fit a large variety of world currencies including US, AUST, GDP, and euros.

The Otis wallet also does a good job of storing a great capacity for debit/credit cards with 3 card slots that can be doubled up to fit a maximum of 6 cards. The 2 internal slots are also useful and can store additional items including more cards or paper items such as photos or receipts. These can probably fit another 2 cards in each for a maximum capacity of around 5 – 10 cards.

The main feature I love about the wallet is the internal zip coin compartment that sits on the right side of the wallet. This roomy yet slim slot can fit a great variety of coins and is designed in a minimalist way that really doesn’t take up a lot of room. Overall, the functionality and utility of the wallet are fantastic and I really enjoyed using the wallet on a daily basis. The wallet was simple, elegant and I had no trouble accessing cash or cards when on the move. 


Price Tag

At a price tag of $69.95, The Otis wallet isn’t the cheapest coming in at an upper mid-price tag. Based on the performance of the wallet, the quality of the materials, and the size and design I’m quite content with this price and think it’s fair given the all-around package the Status Anxiety brand provides. 

Final Verdict

Having tried many of the Status Anxiety brands I feel it’s really hard to criticize a fantastic range of wallets including The Otis. I really think they put a lot of charm and innovation into their wallets. The Otis is a great example of this with its slim design and capacity for coins. Along with this Status Anxiety also provides a 12-month warranty and satisfaction guarantee that can give peace of mind to anyone thinking of purchasing the Otis wallet. For more information on the Status Anxiety Otis Wallet check them out on their official website below. 


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