The Silent Pocket Wallet Review

Silent Pocket is all about minimalism not only in its design of products with simplicity but also in the psychological sense claiming ‘Silent Pocket provides an off switch that actually works’. This ties the idea of ‘shutting off’ and not being dependent on our technological ties like smartphones. Silent Pocket’s range takes this ideology and has created a range of premium apparel items, including wallets, that are said to enhance privacy, security, and health.

Today we’re going to give our opinion on the Silent Pocket range of wallets looking at what makes them good or bad. In all, silent pocket sells 12 different types of wallets ranging from typical bifolds, passport holders, and minimalist cardholders. In my review, I tried out their Simple Card Wallet which is going to be the main focus of this review.

Look & Design

Silent Pocket’s wallet range are all made from Top Grain Cowhide Leather. Top Grain leather is one of the highest quality leather’s on the market so the quality of this wallet is definitely up to standard. Having used their Simple Card Wallet I found the leather to be firm yet smooth and hold resistance to scuffs and scratches over the time I used it (2 weeks). Each wallet can be bought in a range of wonderful and unique colors not often seen in other brands on the market. This includes your standard array of color slike black but ranges to the likes of blue, red, and green. 

Overall, I was very impressed with the look and design of the Silent Pocket range. Each wallet sticks to its minimalist ideology with clear lines, minimal stitching, and no overly garish logos or designs. Having the choice between a range of colors is nice, and allows for customization to your individual likings and I can’t really fault the leather quality especially when we consider the wallets price tag (more on this later). 


Functionality & Utility 

With a focus on minimalism, you won’t find Silent Pocket trying to do anything overly unique or special when it comes to their wallet’s designs and the functionality they provide. The exact designs they provide range from slim cardholders, bifolds with money clips, and their largest offering passport or travel wallets. Their Vertical Bifold for example has a great size (11 x 9.4 cm) and a wonderful layout for easy access to cash and cards. The included quick access pull-tab is also a lovely inclusion. 

The wallet I tested, the Simple Card Wallet is as the name suggests a very minimalist and ultra-thin cardholder. It has 4 card slots that at a squeeze can potentially carry 8 cards (2 per slot), although I wouldn’t recommend any more than 1 per slot. The very top of the wallet hosts a slightly larger additional slot that’s used for any banknotes you may have (folded), but it could also double as a space for additional credit/debit cards. 

We can’t not mention the included RFID and NFC shielding that Silent Pocket boasts about as being one of their main motivations to setting up the company. RFID is a security measure that blocking potential criminals from activating your card’s wireless payment features stopping them from stealing your money. It’s open to much debate whether this crime is common enough to even warrant RFID included so do your due diligence when considering paying extra for this feature. 


Price Tag

Silent Pocket’s wallets are very affordable starting as low as $19.95 and ranging up to $69.95 (although most of the wallets are on the lower end). Considering these cheap prices I was very impressed with the quality and craftsmanship the wallets provided. As stated above, the wallets are made from great leather, and over my time using them I found no reason to suspect they wouldn’t last with daily use. This is clearly supported by others who have often shown surprise at how cheap the wallets are compared to the quality you get – no wonder they’re sold out often. 

Final Verdict

I was very impressed with the Silent Pocket wallet I used. It has a simplistic design yet allows for effective storage with clear design philology providing the ability to block all wireless signals to your devices. If you’re the type of person who has begun to consider monitoring their technology usage then reading more about what Silent Pocket, as a brand, is trying to achieve is a great starting point. For more information on Silent Pocket, and its full range of goods, check them out using the link below. 


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