The Orchill Armada Wallet Review

The Good
  • Available in a range of unique vibrant colors great for people who want some unique individuality in their wallets. 
  • The ‘hole-punch’ design is very stylized and very aesthetically beautiful. 
The Bad
  • The built quality of the wallet was poor on inspection.
  • It uses a very common design but doesn’t function as well as other similar wallets on the market. 

Orchill forms a very popular wallet brand which offers a huge range of wallets from large bi-folds to very slim cardholders. The Orchill Armada fits as one of their mid-sized bi-folds offering a unique blend of minimal card storage and easy cash access. This is represented by its main asset, its money clip, which cleverly lies smack bang in the middle of the Armada. Let’s look a bit closer at what the Orchill Armada has to offer.

Orchill is a brand that specializes in men’s accessories and puts the majority of their emphasis on producing stylish and fun wallets for men who want something a little different to carry with them on a daily basis. The philosophy behind Orchill is simple: if you put out a high-quality product, people will buy it. So we always use top-shelf leather. Nothing fake or PVC. At the same time, nothing took up itself. We keep it functional, use the best materials, and add some color to make it fun. Right now the wallet industry is all about making the perfect boring brown wallet. That has never been what Orchill stands for and that’s evident in their range of wallets. 


Look & Design

The build quality of the Orchill is satisfactory at best. The high-quality brand perception and high costs don’t justify the quality of the wallets from when I first unboxed it. My Armada had a few issues with poorly worked leather and frayed thread edges. You can tell by the pictures that the quality is something that’s lacking and I would need to do some more time testing to see if this wallet could last after prolonged use. For now, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that the build quality will vary from wallet to wallet but my personal model did lack quality. 

The Orchill’s range of distinct colors and interesting spotted Patternation, or what I like to call the hole punch pattern, add to each wallet’s unique individuality. I have the black version which is arguably the least interesting color but the wallet is also available in red, green, and blue, each very attractive in their own distinctive way. I’m a massive fan of the way Orchill wallets look. This unique design is something very much unique to Orchill and it gives you a sense of uniqueness and personalization in your EDC.


Functionality & Utility 

The Orchill Armada is a medium-sized, minimalist bifold which puts much emphasis on its slim nature. It’s unique in its note storage capability as it hosts an inbuilt money clip. This metal clasp runs down the spine of the wallet encapsulated in leather. Along with this, the wallet has storage capabilities for up to 6 credit or debit cards. The real issue I found was not with its storage quantity but with its execution. As the card slots are in rows, each one above another, I found that if you fill the wallet the bottom card obstructs your access to the other two. An absolutely terrible oversight in design and execution.

On the plus side, the Armada’s note storage clip works well and stores money very easily with a strong clasp. It’s a shame it doesn’t have any quick access slots like both the Andar Apollo but its smaller size (compared to the other two) probably accounts for this.

I don’t often do comparisons between wallets, but every now and then I start to see repetitive themes, styles, and features within categories of wallets. This style is no exception to this. The Orchill Armada is much like two other wallets I’ve reviewed in the past. The 32&8 and Andar Apollo. In my review of these wallets, I rated the Apollo as one of my all-time favorite wallets but was more than critical on the 32&8s poor all-around clunky and expensive nature. The Orchill, for me, ranks between these two wallets. Better than the 32&8 but not good enough to beat Apollo. What makes the Apollo more desirable to me is its fantastic quality with its crazy horse leather and its range of unique features like the quick access pull tabs. 


Final Verdict

A wallet with some good and bad features. Coming in at a hefty $54.99 I’d personally recommend a different wallet. I feel disappointed but if you’re looking for a wallet like this I’d definitely like the Andar Apollo. It is better quality, better functionally, and is almost half the price. The wallet doesn’t offer anything significant that would make me choose this over other wallets on the market and its price tag is a big issue considering everything we’ve discussed. For more information on the Orchill Armada wallet check out their official website by using the link below. 


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