The Mitchell Money Clip Wallet Review

A stylish and unique money clip wallet

The Mitchell Money Clip Wallet can only be described as classy. The wallet combines a traditional bi-fold wallet with premium materials and an elegant design that takes a rustic almost hipster-like appearance. The Mitchell Wallet is made from Full-Grain American Cowhide Leather. This leather is very distinctive with a very grainy texture while thick in size the wallet could easily develop a patina over prolonged use. 

The functionality of the Mitchell Money Clip wallet is also very strong. As the name suggests, the wallet comes with a metal money clip that sits in the center of the bi-fold (the seam where the wallet closes in half). This allows for your cash to be easily secured in place, effortlessly, with banknotes sitting flat across the length of the entire wallet. Card capacity is satisfactory with 4 card slots with a max capacity between 4 – 8 cards

The wallet also comes with a small range of customization options that might appeal to certain people. The Mitchell Logo is a large coat of arms and shield that further gives the wallet a high-class feel and is pressed and embedded on the front of the wallet. If you’re not a fan of this you can choose to not have this if you want a cleaner look. An optional monogram (custom initials) can also be included with up to 3 characters of your choice. 

Finally, the Mitchell Wallet comes in at a mid-tier level price tag of $59.00 with a $10.00 increase if you choose the optional monogram. Overall, I think the wallet is a nice refreshing take on a money clip wallet. While not the best, in any case, the wallet has a very distinct look that definitely suits a certain type of aesthetic and person. For more information on the Mitchell Money Clip Wallet check out their official website using the link below. 

  • Functionality 62% 62%
  • Design 78% 78%
  • Price 77% 77%



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