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The Octovo Purist Wallet Review

Today we are going to be taking a look at the Octovo Purist Wallet. This very traditional leather wallet is a combination of elegant design and craftsmanship while still keeping to what you know and look from traditional wallets. The Octovo is only sold on Amazon with a fantastic rating coming in just below 5 stars.

I usually like to start these reviews by looking into the history of the brand, how long they’re been operating and what they standard for. Unfortunately, to my surprise, I couldn’t actually find any information on them. This is not an uncommon occurrence for brands that only appear on Amazon and don’t sell on other platforms. Interpret this how you wish but when I’m considering purchasing from a new brand I like to gauge whether or not the brand is respectable first. This is something that can’t be done in the case of Octovo. 

Look & Design

The Octovo wallet is designed like a classic leather bi-fold. The wallet is made from a very nice Italian vegetable-tanned ‘genuine’ leather. This is a very convoluted way to say that wallet isn’t actually made from very good quality leather. Genuine leather, regardless of where it’s made, is the second-worst quality leather you can purchase and has a tendency to degrade faster and be more susceptible to wear and tear. 

In terms of the Octovo’s size, the wallet is fairly slim coming in at 4.25″ x 3.125″ x .25″. This isn’t small enough to be considered a true minimalist wallet but still slim enough that it can’t be felt in the pocket. I like to classify these as ‘hybrid’ wallets. A sort of in-between size that keeps a lot of functionality without hindering size.

Functionality & Utility 

Once you open the wallet you’ll be presented with 2 individual card slots on each side, for a max capacity of 4 – 8 cards, that are presented in a slanting design. Along with back is a dedicated long slot for your banknotes. This also adheres to this slanting design and gives the wallet a really unique look.

The wallet can easily accommodate a range of different currencies from across the world including USD and the Canadian Dollar. That being said, if notes become too tall in size, for example, the UK £20 Note, then there will be some overhang as the wallet isn’t tall enough to fit these larger sized notes. Keep this in mind when deciding on the Octovo wallet for yourself or a friend. 

In the end, the Octovo is okay to use. It has a nice feel in the hand and over time the leather loosens up. The wallet functions well but might be a little simplistic for many people. It really depends on the number of cards you carry with you on a daily basis whether this wallet is for you. 

Price Tag

The Price tag of the Octovo wallet isn’t ideal. Coming in at around $67 the wallet is a complete rip off compared to other wallets on the market. This is really down to the fact that the wallet uses poor quality materials yet pretends like its higher quality than it actually is and misleads customers. If this wallet was made from better materials than I could definitely get behind the fact it’s $67.00. But alas, this wallet may look the part in design but leaves a lot to the imagination in terms of quality and overall functionality. 

Final Verdict

In the end, I’d stay way clear of the Octovo Purist wallet. I really think the design is something very attractive, but the price tag and quality of the wallet lacks any substance. Over time the wallet will degrade much faster than similar wallets, at a similar price range, which isn’t great. If the wallet was cheaper, let’s say at half the price, I’d be willing to consider recommending this wallet. But when all said is done, this wallet is far too expensive for what you get.


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