Little King Goods Wallet Review

Little King Goods are most famous for their YouTube channel that provides a fantastic array of videos on the leathercraft industry showcasing the process of creating leather goods, tutorials and more. They’ve managed to amass over 300,000 subscribers and continue to grow thanks to in-depth, high-quality videos that are both educational and fun to watch. Little King Goods is a small company. Located in Ontario, Canada, it was founded as recently as 2016 with all of its goods being handmade to order and handcrafted by a small team. 

I’d imagine one of the main reasons the LIttle King Goods YouTube channel exists is to help sales of their leather goods online. Along with a great array of wallets, they also sell a variety of other high-quality, handmade items including, but not limited to, bags and belts. Today we’re going to be looking into the entire wallet range from Little King Goods. What their wallets can offer you and if they’re worth the price tag. 

Look & Design

Little King Goods stick to classic designs but add their own flourish to make them unique. There’s no doubt they provide you with a vintage look thanks to Little King Goods’ choice of leather. This leather is a full-grain Wickett and Craig leather which is a highly esteemed and well-respected tannery founded in Toronto in 1867 and known for natural veg-tanning, eco-friendly processing, and leather recognized for its rich color and amazing patina that develops over time. 

Honestly when it comes to craftsmanship, use of high-quality full-grain leather, and each and every wallet’s malicious stitching, I can’t fault Little King Goods at all. They are simply master craftsmen at what they do and that shows with every wallet they produce to the highest quality. Many wallets also come with a ‘two tone’ look. Different colored leathers are combined together to create a really unique look, one I’ve not come across in other wallet brands on the market. It really makes Little King Goods Wallets stand out, easily identifiable as there’s in an overcrowded marketplace. 


Functionality & Utility 

Although I’m not going to review any single one of the Little King Goods Wallet range I will briefly go through the different styles and designs available, along with how well some function when it comes to capacity for cash, cards, or any other items. In total, Little King Goods offers around 8 different styles of wallets that come in a range of slight variations whether that be color or design. The range offers something for everyone with wallets that take a more minimalist disposition or ones that stick to a more traditional bi-fold style which goes well with the brand’s already vintage look and feel. They even offer more niche wallets including their Long Wallet that has the capacity for a checkbook, coins (with their full-width zipper), and enough credit/debit card storage for most people.

The designs are capacity are really well thought out. Everything is easily accessible in each of their wallets and can store more than most. The only downside I’d say to Little King Goods, is they don’t innovate to provide any different functionality than what you’d expect from a typical wallet (cash/card storage). No quick access slots, no hidden slots, no ID Card slots, or coin storage (with the majority of their wallets) – just something to keep in mind.

A good example of this amazing functionality is their Royal M1 Wallet. This simple and slim cardholder style wallet has three well-defined slots for cards (total capacity of 2 – 3 cards), for easy access with a stainless steel money clip on the back for easy storage of your banknotes, with again, great capacity, easy access, and security. 


Final Verdict

Overall, I was very impressed by Little King Goods. They have built a fantastic brand and innovative in their range of colors, choice of leather, and simply amazing craftsmanship make Little King Goods a top pick for me, and I’m sure you’ll be happy with any wallet they produce. Considering the handcrafted nature of each and every Little King Goods wallet, I was pleasantly surprised by how affordable the wallets are. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not cheap, but compared to other handcrafted wallet brands, come in significantly lower than other wallets I’ve reviewed in the past. Starting at a price tag of $55.00 and ranging up to $205.00 the range offers great variety in the price for whatever your budget may be. 

Each wallet from Little King Goods is handmade to order, so you’ll have to check out their home page for information on lead times. On average new orders will take around 2 – 3 weeks to create, make, and ship. It’s also worth keeping in mind that this is likely to increase during holiday seasons such as Christmas (so it pays to get in early). For more information on Little King Goods, and their entire range of leather goods, check out their official website by clicking the link below.


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