The JooJoobs Big Texas Wallet Review

The Good
  • Amazing use of materials including premium leathers and stitching.
  • Supporting a family run business with all wallets being handmade. 
  • One of the most value for money wallets on the market. Considering the high-quality nature of the materials this wallet is very cheap.
  • Really big capacity for cash and cards.
The Bad
  • The wallet doesn’t have a huge array of features other than the typical cash and card storage. This wallet isn’t for someone looking for a variety of unique features.
  • Some people don’t like the ‘distressed leather’ look. Make sure you do your research on what distressed leather is before you purchase this wallet.

It’s sometimes nice to stumble across a brand that has its routes in a trade that spans over 30 years. JooJoobs is a family run business based in Thailand. The dad of the family, a master leather smith having a lifetime experience in the trade. There’s something reassuring that each and every wallet they produce comes from a place with history, and knowing each one is meticulously handcrafted, as opposed to in a factory, makes the wallets far more desirable in my opinion.

Today we’re going to be looking at the JooJoobs Big Texas Wallet. This is one of the larger wallets in their range and is a great example of what the JooJoobs brand stands for – aesthetics, great quality, and personalization. Let’s now take a deep dive and see what this leather wallet has to offer.

JooJoobs Big Texas bifold

Look & Design

The Big Texas is designed like a very classic leather bi-fold. What sets this apart from most though is the attention to detail and fantastic quality that JooJoobs provide in all their wallets. For example, The Big Texas is made from full-grain distressed leather. This full-grain leather is one of the highest quality leathers on the market and the distressing aspect means the leather improves with age. This means the wallet develops a beautiful and unique patina over prolonged use.

Along with this JooJoobs also provide a range of personalization options whether you want your initials printed on the wallet or even your full name or logo. Pricing does fluctuate depending on what type of personalization you want but the option to have this is fantastic allowing you to customize the wallet to your liking. 

JooJoobs wallets

Functionality & Utility 

The JooJoobs Big Texas isn’t a wallet crammed packed with features. What it does is take the standard features of a wallet, storing your cash and cards, and creates an attractive way of doing so with a high capacity. Firstly, The wallet has 5 dedicated card pockets for a total maximum of 18 cards. Additional cards can be stored in the wallet but at the expense of its size. After 18 the wallet really starts to bulk up. JooJoobs have an alternative version of the Texas wallet, dubbed The Big Texas, that can be found here

In terms of cash storage The Big Texas has 1 large full-length pocket for your cash. This Is big enough to fit all currencies worldwide without the need for folding it and can store a huge array of notes, or other paper items, with ease. 

JooJoobs Big Texas

Price Tag

One of the best aspects of the JooJoobs Big Texas Wallet, and the entire range as a whole, is how well priced they are. Being handmade from some of the highest quality leather I was totally shocked when I saw the price of just under $70.00 ($67.99) for a wallet such as this. You don’t have to go far to find other wallets on the market that are ‘mass-produced’ and don’t deserve the stupidly high price tag.

Final Verdict

JooJoobs is a fantastic brand that guarantees quality and unique leather goods. If you’re looking for some of the highest quality wallets on the market, along with an affordable price tag, I can’t recommend them enough. I’d even go as far as to say that JooJoobs is my No.1 pick for the most value for money wallet(s) you can buy. This wallet is best suited for someone looking for that quality and needs a wallet that has a high capacity for cash and cards. For more information on the JooJoobs Big Texas, and other wallets in their range, click the link below.


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