The i-CLIP Wallet Review

On first appearance, the i-Clip is an unusual looking wallet for sure. Resembling more of a cigarette case the carbon fiber and metal wallet was actually designed to embody the look and dynamics of a high-performance sports car. I kind of get that feeling but that’s more because I generally associated carbon fiber with cars and not because it’s overall design is car inspired.

Nevertheless, the wallet isn’t ugly and it does a great job of innovating and breaking the norms. Let’s break down the i-CLIP in more detail and see if this is the wallet for you.

‘A Wallet doesn’t get more sporty than this. The I-CLIP carbon embodies the dynamics of a high-performance sports car. Manage the first card in 0.5 seconds with 100% payment performance’. – A pretty cringy description.

Look & Design

 The I-Clip is a combination of metal and wallet in a case style appearance. With a curved piece of leather styled to look like carbon fiber, the leather is attached to an aluminum frame that hosts the main part of the wallet where cash and cards will be stored. 

One great thing about the wallet is the huge range of colors and designs it comes in. While the metal backing always stays the same range of options for the front leather piece is varied with great variety. I’m sure you’ll be able to find something you like.

The build quality of the wallet is very strong. On first inspection, I could see the wallet was made with care and with materials made to last. The leather is made cowhide leather and the metal is strong with a brushed finish. Overall I can’t really fault the materials.

Functionality & Utility 

The size isn’t something that I was entirely happy with. For me, the curved front added unnecessary bulk to the wallet adding thickness to the wallet. I see where they were going with the design. Having that curved leather provides quick access to your banknotes but in practice, it just doesn’t work very well. Anyone with average-sized fingers will find it difficult to get access to cash from under this curved area. 

The wallet is secured and closed shut with a clip. As the name of the wallet suggests this is one of the main selling points of the wallet and I’m happy to say it works a treat. One negative thing I find with many wallets is that they never stay closed probably and something automatically pops open in the most inconvenient times. 

Once opened the i-clip has 2 distinct areas. The first being the area for credit or debit card storage. The wallet has a great capacity being able to hold between 8 – 12 cards with ease. The area on top is designed for banknote storage and has a sturdy metal money clip attached to easily hook and store your notes. Keep in mind that due to the minimalist size of this wallet you’ll still need to fold your notes before putting them in the i-clip wallet.

Final Verdict

The i-Clip is a fine wallet with ample functionality in a unique and distinctive design. For me, it’s the type of wallet that’ll divided opinions. Coming in at a price tag of £37.00 the wallet is priced accordingly and isn’t too expensive for what you get. I think this wallet is best for people who really like the unique design and want a more clamshell style of wallet.  For more information on the i-Clip wallet click the link below.


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