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The Huskk Card Sleeve Wallet Review

The Huskk card holder wallet is a slim, leather wallet designed to fill the gap between larger wallets and those that fall on the ultra-slim side. I first discovered Huskk wallets through Amazon where they’ve developed a reputable brand and store and have some of the top-rated wallets on the platform. 

Hussk does a great job of bringing a classic very rustic style to modern designed wallets. Think of a wallet you might expect to buy back in the 1950s but in the style of minimalist and slim designed wallets. Let’s take a further look at what the Huskk cardholder wallet has to offer. 

HUSKK is a team of free thinkers with varied disciplines from design, engineering, marketing, and finance. Together, they share their diverse strengths and united passion of creation to bring to you NEW life-easing everyday must-haves. “We love all things beautiful, functional and well crafted. Today there’s a growing community of people who appreciate and hunt for this union of solid functionality, minimalistic style combined with great craftsmanship made from honest materials. We believe that these are the core value of our creations and customers’.

Look & Design

The wallet is very simple in design. Coming in at a minimalist size the wallet is sleek and has a slim profile that helps reduce bulk and helps keep your daily carry to a minimum. This is a big plus in many people’s eyes as it’s very clear that the trend in minimalism is increasing as people choose to carry less with them on a daily basis. That being said, if you’re someone who has a lot of credit/debit cards or likes to carry physical cash with them the Huskk wallet might not be for you.

The variations in the style of the Huskk wallet are also worth mentioning. The wallet comes in a small range of colors including black and brown (tan). This is a pretty standard and typical array of color variants for a wallet and it would be nice to get a few more color options with the Huskk in the future.

The Huskk wallet is made from Italian leather. I can’t say I’m very impressed with this choice of material as contrary to popular belief genuine leather is actually one of the worst types/grades of leather in terms of actual quality. This means that wear and tear are very likely to occur after prolonged use and the quality of the wallet is likely to be diminished. I always like to make people aware of the misinterpretation of what genuine leather is as consumers tend to think the leather is higher quality than it actually is. For more information on leather and leather grades please check out my full article on the subject by clicking here. 

Overall I really like the sleek look of the Huskk wallet but when using it I always had the quality of the material in the back of my mind hand. Although the wallet has held up so far (3 weeks of daily use) I’ve used many genuine leather wallets in the past and the long term effects of daily use have never been more than satisfactory. This is an important factor to keep in mind when considering the Huskk wallet as your next daily carry. 

Functionality & Utility 

The wallet hosts 2 dedicated slots one on the very top of the wallet, the other on the front. Each can store a large capacity of cards with the front slot acting as an additional slot to include cash. The main slot can hold a maximum of 5 cards while the front slots – with included quick access slot for easy access – can hold 1 card but is mainly used for storing folded up banknotes. 

There isn’t much more I can say really about the Huskk. In daily use, the wallet worked fine. The slots were tight enough to hold cards firmly but also provided easy access with ease when on the move. The quick access slot worked as expected and the capacity for physical cash is good but folding notes for storage isn’t always the best but to be expected in a smaller wallet such as the Huskk. 

Another benefit of the discommon wallet is its integration of RFID blocking technology layered into the non-perforated side of the wallet. This is where you’ll want to store your most-used credit/debit card to prevent your money from being stolen through contactless technology.

Price Tag 

The Huskk wallet comes in at a very reasonable price of $29.95. Considering its negative attributes, mainly it’s leather quality, I think this is as far as any more than this and you could easily find a better quality wallet at these price ranges. That being said, the wallet is nice, and you should discount the wallet for what it is. 

Final Verdict 

I really like the Huskk wallet. The wallet has ample functionality for its size and is a nice refreshing design in a crowded marketplace. Although the wallet is made from genuine leather the cheaper price of the wallet reflects this so not giving customers false expectations. For more information on the Huskk wallet and their full range of wallets check out their official website here or view the wallet on Amazon with the link below. 


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