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The Hell-Bent 3.0 Metal Wallet Review

The Hell Bent Metal wallet is something of an unusual looking wallet. What made me attracted to it in the first place was its unique all-metal design and industrial patternation which makes it seem something out of an industrial warehouse. It’s this look that made me purchase the hell-bent wallet and since then I’ve been testing it out over a few months period.

I can only describe the Hell-Bent brand as quintessentially American. They first came onto the scene in 2011 developing holsters. From here, they went to develop a range of items including the wallet were reviewing today – the Hell-Bent 3.0 Wallet. 

Look & Design

 The wallet takes the appearance of a big slab of metal. That may not seem appealing to some but I think its distinctive look is something you’d find in an antique salvage yard. The stressed and aged looking metal really speaks to me and is something I really like for the design of a wallet. The Hell-Bent also feels high quality in the hand with a cold touch and a heaviness which adds to the premium look and feel of the wallet. 

The wallet also comes in a variety of different designs that don’t do as much for me but add some variation if you so choose. These colors include the stonewash (a worn-out metal look with patina), red, blue and black. These all look great in my opinion and 

The wallet is sized well coming being slightly larger than a credit card on all sides. This is a true minimalist wallet and feels small and compact in the pocket. The great thing is that the more cards you include the wallet doesn’t increase in size. On the flip side, this does limit your max capacity. Wallets that use an elasticated band mechanism to hold cards don’t have a max capacity but can get bulky if many cards as stored.

Functionality & Utility 

The wallet is fairly simple in its functionality. The wallet actually comes in two varieties the medium and large size. The large holds a maximum of 12 cards while the medium 9 in total.

The wallet is quite easy to use in practice. The top right corner of the wallet offers a cut in the metal which is where you put in and take out your cards. The wallet doesn’t really have a dedicated area for banknotes. This isn’t uncommon in wallets like this that are slimmer in size than traditional wallets. Notes have to be folded into a smaller size before stored in the same area that credit/debit cards.

One nice addition to the wallet is the inclusion of RFID protection. For those who don’t know this protects your cards for credit/debit card fraud where people can steal your money through contactless payments. 

Final Verdict

The Hell-Bent Metal wallet is a great wallet that aesthetically has a lot to offer. Although the wallet offers only basic functionality this wallet is aimed at people trying to achieve a certain look. And coming in at a price tag of $110 (for the large variety) I’m not sure if it’s right for me to recommend this wallet at such a steep price. I really do like the design and look but at that price tag, I’m not sure the wallet offers enough all-round functionality.  

For more information on the Hell-Bent 3.0 wallet why not visit the official website by clicking the link below.  


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