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The Distil Union Wally Sleeve Wallet Review

Sometimes a wallet is so thin you can’t help but frantically grasp your pockets every so often in fear it’s lost. In reality, it’s pure Slimline nature naturally promotes that fight or flight response. That’s when you know you have a true minimalist wallet, and the Distil Union Wally is no exception to this rule. In fact, the Wally Sleeve wallet probably takes the prize for one of the thinnest wallets on the market. Let’s take a look at what this wallet has to offer.

Coming in at only a few millimeters wider and taller than a credit card and thinness to match the Wally Sleeve unique feature heavily relies on its design and innovative functionality. Its design is nothing specific but it does come in a range of colors from the unusual red to the more typical brown. The leather is, of course, fantastic and its high-quality build is typical of Distil Union. They never fail to deliver on this. 

Functionality& Utility

If you’ve ever used a Distil Union wallet in the past you’ll probably be already aware of the variety of unique features they’ve come up with. For those who don’t know from unique coin storage and seamless quick-access slots, Distil Union have you covered. 

The Wally Sleeve is no exception. It hosts a large back slot for a choice of use. Here cards, notes or change can be stored. This is also where the quick access slot is kept which works very well along with its smooth agile motion for accessing your cards with little to no effort. Finally, the red has a smooth slot at the front, presumably, for you to store your notes separately from your cash. It’s quite small but that’s indicative of the overall size of the wallet. 

The wallet can hold up to 7 cards which, for its size, is very strong and no matter the amount of cards you use the quick access slot still works very well. Unfortunately, as with all mega slim minimalist wallets physical cash will have to be folded to fit inside the wallet. A small price to pay for its size. 

Usability & Practicality 

 I used the wallet for approximately 1 week in which I attended the Liverpool Comic-Con convention. The busy Hustle and bustle event was the perfect opportunity to try the wallet out and as I was dressing in costume needed a small wallet to easily conceal but not loose. Overall the wallet performed perfectly as intended. My only issue (which isn’t really an issue) is the wallets almost too thin. As mentioned in the opening at times I forgot I had it, and literally couldn’t feel it in my pocket. 

Final Verdict

The Distil Union Red is small, compact and does its core functionality well. Without sounding too critical I’m not a huge fan of the design (personal opinion). But apart from that, I’d highly recommend this wallet to anyone who’s looking for their next minimalist wallet. The Distil Union Red retails at $25 and can be purchased from Amazon below.


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