Claustrum Articular Wallet Review

The Most Unusual Wallet in the World

The Articular Wallet by Clasustrum might just be one of the most unusual wallets I’ve even stumbled across. Originating from Japan, and having been perfecting wallets since 2004, Clasustrum has really thought outside of the box creating a hybrid wallet combing everything from cascading cards, stainless steel, premium leather, and coin storage. The wallet really is innovative although I can see why some people could refer to it as Frankenstein’s Monster. Let’s look into more detail regarding what the Articular Wallet has to offer.

The first thing we must talk about is its overall design. The Articular Wallet is designed like a bifold. It is secured and closed shut with a metal clasp and once opened revels and flourish or cascading mechanism for your cards. This provides storage of between 6 – 12 cards, in an easy to access and creative way. Along with this, is also a full-width note slot. This is large and roomy and can store banknotes for a variety of different countries thanks to its larger size of 90 x 110 x 30mm. 

Its material choice is another talking point with the Articular Wallet. In total the wallet uses 3 different materials in its design. The first, and main body, is made from a combination of Polyester reinforced leather. This acts as the sturdy exterior of the wallet and allows for a hardier more durable leather while still retaining a leather-like appearance. Along with this, the Articular also has metal plates bolted onto the exterior leather that creates a unique design but also allows the wallet to be bent into different shapes for a fit that’s completely unique to you. 

Overall, I think the Clasustrum Articular Wallet is a highly unique wallet. It plays with design elements not previously seen in other wallets and combines them with a range of materials. There’s no doubt this wallet would stand out from a crowd. My biggest gripe isn’t with the actual functionality of the wallet but its size. As mentioned it’s a heft wallet and although is designed to stay as compact as possible still is very noticeable in a front or back pocket. This, and the fact the wallet starts at $260.00 and ranges as high as $410.00 really make this wallet more of a pipe dream, one that can be admired for its creativity but not for purchase.

  • Functionality 75% 75%
  • Design 80% 80%
  • Price 40% 40%


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