BulletTrain Safe Wallet Review

The all-inclusive Phone Case Wallet

The Bullet train Safe wallet has a simple and noble goal of really streamlining your everyday carry, and it attempts to do that in the most logical way possible – by combining your phone and wallet together into one simple device. Phone Case Wallets aren’t anything new, but where Bullet train innovates is how they achieve this creating a highly attractive, affordable, and functional phone case that tries to do it all – a jack of all trades. Let’s now take a deep dive into what the Safe Wallet by Bullet train can offer you. 

Made exclusively for modern iPhones (sorry Android users), the Bullet train Safe Wallet is a full-body case that fits around your entire phone and provides great protection from accidental drops among other things. This is achieved due to its material of choice being made from a strong and TPU Plastic that has a hard touch feel. I’ve done a few drop tests from considerable heights and both the phone and case have always faired well – although scuffs and scratches were present on the case afterward.

The back of the Bullet train Wallet is where the magic happens. Storage and access to your cash and cards are done within a cavity at the back of the case that is concealed within a door-like mechanism. The case does a good job at maximizing space only adding around 16mm to the size of your phone. Considering the fact, the case can store much more than cash and cards (two credit cards, 6 business cards, a $100 Bill, two extra SIM cards, and a SIM card removal tool). The door at the back can also be opened at used as a phone stand to prop up and use for easy viewing of media.

Overall, the Bullet train Safe Wallet is a great little case/wallet hybrid that does a great job of storing a decent amount of cash and cards. I’d probably still want to carry a wallet alongside this case (and just keep my most used, or backup credit/debit cards in the Bulletrain wallet) but the option is definitely there to ditch your wallet completely. At a price tag of $99.00, the Bullet train Safe Wallet isn’t cheap, and I do feel at times its quality (more so its feel), can come across a little cheap. That being said, it’s hard to knock, as the case does provide everything you need to a neat little package. For more information check out their official website using the link below.

  • Functionality 74% 74%
  • Design 81% 81%
  • Price 66% 66%



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