Bosca Wallet Review

[Brand Overview]

Bosca is a brand first established as far back as 1911. Bosca offers a range of products ranging from wallets through to the likes of writing equipment and bags and shoes. Over the years Bosca has developed a highly reputable brand that stands for a relentless pursuit of beauty and quality. Bosca is an Italian-American immigration success story, founded by Hugo Bosca after traveling to America. Three generations later and Bosca still strives for this ideology combining traditional Italian artisan skills with an American twist. 

Today we’re not going to be looking at any one of the Bosca Wallets but their entire wallet range. Bosca Wallets are what I’d consider very traditional in their designs taking inspiration from classic styles including bi-fold, trifold and passcase wallets all made from quality leather. I’ll be going into detail regarding these wallets’ quality, durability, and overall functionality. 


Look & Design

Bosca wallets are all about their quality. When I initially unboxed my Bosca Wallet I was immediately hit with an aroma and scent of premium leather a sure sign of the quality nature of the material used. Bosca uses what they dub their ‘old leather’ certified Italian vegetable-tanned leather. Bosca takes great care in choosing their leather. The leathers are handpicked, personally inspected, and signed off by dedicated team members each time. Make no mistake this rigorous process is worth the effort and it clearly pays off. 

Another notable thing regarding the leather is the range of color options and variations to choose from. This includes a beautiful array of browns from light tans to dark rich oaks. Other colors include a rather fetching orange (Amber) with other colors including more unusual colors such as blues and reds. A custom monogram, of up to 3 characters, can also be printed on any wallet of your choice for an additional $10.00.

Finally, all Bosca Wallets are lined with RFID lining which means they’re designed to protect against contactless fraud. There’s a lot of debate as to whether or not RFID is even necessary as the crime is fairly uncommon in most countries. That being said if you’re concerned about the crime or come from a country where it’s commonplace it’s nice to have peace of mind which Bosca provides in all their wallets.  

Bosca Wallet Range

The Bosca wallet range is quite extensive with approximately 70+ designs to choose from. Their designs range from the classic bi-fold style, though to innovative minimalist, coin pouches and money clips. I’d bet that if you looked you’d be hard not to find a wallet you liked the look of among an ecliptic selection. 

My favorite wallet in the Bosca range is their front pocket wallet. The wallet is an ultra-thin cardholder style wallet. Where it really stands out is on the back which hosts a leather money clip with a magnetic clasp. This clasp is of fantastic quality with a strong magnet that can hold anywhere from just one up to 15 bills. Just like we’ve discussed in the past the quality of Bosca wallets is exemplary as it’s its craftmanship and leather. The front pocket wallet comes in at $80.00. Other notable wallets by Bosca include the following. 

Bosca Bifold Wallet: A simple yet functional bi-fold wallet. It has everything you come to expect from a traditional wallet, including tons of card slots, a full-width slot for your bills, and an ID card slot for all your identification needs. Variations of this wallet can be found with an additional interchangeable Passcase feature. 

Bosca Flipper Card Case: This is an innovative design with a leather pivot. Although it can only store cards (although you could probably squeeze some cash in it), it has an easy to use and functional design that is like nothing I’ve seen on the market before. 

Bosca Guitar Pick Wallet: My novelty pick from the Bosca range. This is a standard bi-fold but on the outside of the wallet is an additional little slot perfectly crafted to slide in a guitar pick. If you’re a musician and you may find it potentially easier to store your picks in a wallet such as this one. 


Price Tag

Starting at a price tag of $42.00 and ranging up as high as $255.00 (for their innovative Flight Attendant Passport Wallet), the Bosca range provides a range that enables anyone, of all price tags, to potentially find something they like. I wouldn’t say they’re worth or not worth the prices that are given. That’s the thing about items like wallets that fall into the designer goods. You pay for the brand and the quality you get, and Bosca do provide this.

Final Verdict

Overall I’ve been very impressed with Bosca Wallets as a whole. There are designs that are very traditional and best suited to those who want simplicity in a high-quality design. The wallets aren’t especially cheap so you will be paying a larger price tag than most alternative brands. 

That being said Bosca is a highly respected brand and creates some stunning looking wallets. Having used a few of their wallets for a short period of time I have no qualms regarding the quality and with proper care, any Bosca wallet could last a lifetime. For more information on the Bosca range of wallets why not check out their official website by clicking the link below. 


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