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Alligator Skin Leather is regarded as one of the most luxury or premium leathers in the world. Due to its scarcity and highly regulated nature, the leather is commonly used by large high-profile designer brands including the likes of Gucci, or Louis Vuitton who capitalized on short supply to sell Alligator apparel at premium prices. Often, fake wallets appear on the market claiming to be made from Alligator Skin. Due to the distinctive nature of the leather, texture and design fake’s are becoming increasingly common. That being said, In the US, it’s currently against the law to claim or mention alligator leather for non-genuine products. 

This detailed article looks at some of our favorite examples of alligator wallets, looking at some of the best brands and high-quality alligator wallets on the market. We’ve decided for the sake of clarity and price to omit any designer brands that cost too much money (think thousands of dollars) focusing on cheaper or more affordable brands. But first, let’s go into a little more detail regarding the history, advantages, and disadvantages of Alligator Skin Leather (or skip by clicking here).


A Brief History of Alligator Leather

Alligators have been on earth for more than 37 million years and are commonly considered one of the oldest animals having existed alongside Dinosaurs. But its use as leather has only been documented since the 19th Century where Alligator began being used for leather goods in Louisiana. Here, Alligator Skin was used for traditional items like boots, shoes, and saddles where its durability was paramount for labor-intensive jobs.

By the mid-1900s Louisiana’s alligator population had been significantly reduced due to overfarming. In 1967 Alligators were put on the endangered species list. Through a variety of techniques and laws, thanks to the likes of the endangered species act of 1973, the continued conservation and lawful harvesting of Alligators mean Alligators are no longer considered endangered, although all laws still remain to protect these amazing animals making it one of the closest monitored animals in leathercraft.


Pros & Cons of Alligator Leather


Durability: Alligator leather is one of the most durable leathers on the market. This means as long as the wallet you choose is well constructed the chances are it could last a lifetime with proper care. This durability makes the wallet great for those who like to work outdoors a lot and need a wallet that can survive in all manner of conditions. Alligator skin is also one of the most distinctive-looking leathers even across the broad spectrum of exotic leathers. Its natural enamel sheen and the textured feel to the touch is remarkable. No two alligator hides are ever the same so any alligator wallet you purchase is a one of a kind unique item. 


Price: For a number of reasons Alligator leather, and Alligator wallets are among some of the most expensive wallets on the market. One main factor is the leather hard and extremely tough exterior makes it very difficult to work with. Unless you’re a skilled craftsman or have the correct tools, successfully crafting an Alligator wallet is difficult making the barrier to entry a lot higher. This naturally increases the price as demand usually outstrips supply. 

Along with this many large designer brands have driven the prices of alligators so high it’s harder for smaller leather manufacturers to afford and complete in the market. This is another reason why Alligator leather products are rarely seen and if they are it’s by the likes of Gucci. For more information on price check below. 

Many fake brands exist to be careful: Due to this high profile and premium nature of Alligator Leather, many fake brands have arisen trying to sell fake leather wallets at higher prices claiming to be Authentic Alligator. We’ve already mentioned the Legal issues around this, but that doesn’t stop fraudulent companies from trying their luck. Some companies are clever than this and use the Caiman Crocodile from South America which although looks similar to Alligator is poorer in quality and can fool a lot of people. 

Low variety of choice: Due to the limited number of brands actually offering Aligator skin wallets the range of different styles and types of wallets is very low. For example, Alligator Skin Bi-folds are increasingly common, yet a more minimalist-sized wallet not. Alligators tend to be rather simplistic in functionality only offering the likes of card and cash capacity. The likes of smart features just simply don’t exist.


How Ethical is Alligator Leather?

As previously mentioned, Alligator Leather is carefully monitored and harvested only under strict government regulations. The Endangered species act of 1973 means to prevent extinction and to recover species to the point where the law’s protections are no longer needed. It was this legislation that led to the recovery of the American Alligator. 

Conservation and banks are commonly set up to breed alligators in captivity to help sustain the population and to continually monitor the species as a whole. Such projects are big money for the tourist industry with income coming from tourism and grants from the governments. This enables the industry to keep making money without the sale of skin. 

How Expensive are Alligator Wallets?

Alligator wallets will set you back significantly more, on average, than a typical wallet. The list below comprises 5 of our favorite Alligator wallet brands we’ve handpicked, tried, and tested. Although we won’t go into the specifics of each wallet, their prices can vary anywhere from as low as $64.99 to as high as $599, but you’re likely to pay on average around $130.00. But don’t worry, this is just an average. Cheaper wallets do exist so hope isn’t all lost. We’d also love to hear from you. If you’ve discovered any alligator wallets at cheaper prices on your search please get in contact.

The Southern Trapper

I thought I’d start with my favorite on this list. The Southern Trapper was set up by one man who found a love for leathercraft and exotic skin. With the idea of creating Alligator wallets from gators that aren’t farmed but sustainably and humanely harvested from those in the wild. Not only does this have great ethical implications for this brand but also creates a more unique range of handcrafted wallets. 

The range is also really extensive. This is probably the only brand on this list where you can get your hands on a variety of different styles of Alligator wallets ranging from minimalist, Money Clip, Trifold, or Bifolds. The Alligator leather itself is highly durable, full-grain, and dyed with a two tined effect that gives a lovely unique patternation. The range is also available in a nice and vibrant array of colors to choose from with the choice of personalization through a custom monogram. 

The Southern Trapper also has what they called their 100-year warranty for products used responsibly. This just goes to show the sheer confidence that Southern Trapper has in their products, their quality, and the authenticity of their Alligator Wallets. The Southern Trapper has the most diverse range of wallets not only in terms of choice of designs but also in price. Starting at $64.99 and ranging as high as $599.00 (with most being somewhere in the $100s). 

I loved using the few Alligator wallets I bought from the Southern Trapper. They comprise the best of what a handmade leathercraft brand should be and I commend them for that. For more information on the range of Alligator wallets from Southern Trapper check them out using the link below.


Biker Ring Shop

As the name suggests Biker Ring Shop is an online store dedicated to everything Biker culture. From rings, through to traditional Biker Chain Wallets, this shop is probably you’re going to place for Biker related paraphernalia. The being said, The Biker Ring Shop also deal in a wide variety of both men and women’s wallets with unique style and colorings. It seems Biker culture has embraced the distinctive and elegant nature of Alligator Wallets putting their own spin on things. 

Although the range isn’t as extensive as other brands on this list, Biker Ring Shop has some of the most vibrant color options available of any brand. Deep blues, vibrant yellow, and pinks to but a few of the options available from this store. One downside of these wallets is they are only made from Genuine Alligator leather. Genuine leather, as opposed to its name, is actually one of the worst grades (quality) of leather on the market. This makes the wallets more prone to wear and tear in which could degrade your wallet faster over time. 

That being said Biker Ring Shop does offer their range of wallets cheaper than most to stay accountable for the less quality Alligator wallets. I must say, having one of these wallets in my hand the quality is much better than other Genuine (non-alligator) wallets. This is a sentiment to their craftsmanship but also to the durability of Alligator leather regardless of the grade. 

Starting at a price as low as $69.00 and ranging only to as high as $199.00, Biker Ring Shop wanted to develop a brand based upon developing affordable apparel for Bikers, rockers, and simply those who love that sort of aesthetic. Their range of Alligator wallets aren’t the highest quality on the list but the cheaper prices make them a great budget option for all. For more information on Biker Ring Shop check out their official website using the link below.


Real Men’s Wallets

Real Men’s Wallets is all about exotic leathers and the range of beautiful wallets that can be made. From Sting Ray, Ostrich, and of course Alligator, Real Men’s Wallets have made it their goal to really cement themselves as the only place to purchase wallets from the most extensive range of animal leathers. Founded an Australian and a Brit, this family-run business has more than 30 years of experience in leathercraft developing wallets only made from the best Alligator leather. Real Men’s Wallets also take great pride in their sustainability in sourcing only the top quality leathers 

The range of wallets available from Real Men’s Wallets lacks variety but doesn’t lack style or quality. If you’re looking for a trusty traditional bi-fold wallet then that’s the only type of wallets these guys offer. That being said the choice in personalization options are vest and they have some of the best designs of any on this list. Each Alligator Wallet can be purchase in dual colors with the outside and inside of the wallet in complimentary colors. Some wallets even combine multiple types of leather such as having the unique texture of Alligator on the outside and soft malleable Ostrich leather on the inside – the only brand to do this!

Starting at a price tag of $109.00 and ranging as high as $249.00, Real Men’s Wallets offer a small but attractive array of wallets all at decent prices. I probably find the dual-color my favorite in terms of style and the quality and craftsmanship rivals any brand on this list. For more information on the range of Alligator Wallets offered by Real Men’s Wallets check out their store using the link below. 


Alligator Jakes

There isn’t much information regarding Alligator Jakes other than, as the name suggests, they’re all about Alligator and only Alligator. Offering an extensive array of apparel from bags, belts, and even Jackets, Alligator Jakes has gone that one step further to real provide ingenious products with an all-inclusive Alligator slant to it. Alligator Jakes is based in Flordia, USA.

Alligator Jakes offers a more well-rounded wallet offering with an extensive range of styles to choose from. They also offer the cheapest wallet (well it’s actually a money clip) coming in at just $49.95. With styles for both men and women, the range comprises of anything and everything from Bifolds, Long Wallets, and even Thin Cardholders. Alligator Jakes also offers features not seen in any other brand on this list including pull tabs and RFID lining to protect your credit/debit cards from security fraud.

Starting as low as $124.95 (if you don’t include the money-clip) and peaking at $395.00, Alligator Jakes is a strong contender for the best range. If you’re the type of person who enjoys minimalist style wallets then Alligator Jakes definitely has some of the best and most affordable options. That being said, the lack of clarity in the brand where the leather is sourced from, and its quality is probably something to be at least a little concerned about. For more information on Alligator Jakes and their range of wallets check them out using the link below. 


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