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The Axess Long Slim Wallet Review

Sometimes It’s good to go back to basics. After I’ve been testing weird and strange minimalist wallets I always enjoy going back to traditional bi-fold wallets. It’s like regardless of how much companies can try and change what we know it’s hard to break away from what we’ve known for millennia.

The Axess Long Slim wallet is exactly this a traditional leather bi-fold wallet brought into the 21 century with some nice innovation but doesn’t take away from what we know and love. Axess is a brand that are built upon creating neat, elegant and slim wallets but doesn’t take away from the design aesthetic we all know and love from leather wallets. There tagline ‘artisan quality minimalist wallets without the markup’ is a great way to summarise what Axess tries to do. 

In the heart of the vegetable tanning district of Tuscany, Italy, lies a small family run tannery opened in 1955 making it one of the oldest tanneries in the district.

While many of the larger surrounding tanneries have been purchased by larger conglomerates, Maurizio has kept his in the family, keeping it small and constantly refining the vegetable-tanned leather which he keeps making in small batches’.

Look & Design

On the surface, the Axess Long Slim wallet isn’t anything special. It looks and feels like a traditional bi-fold and honestly, functions like one too. The main feature of puts Axess leaps and bounds ahead of other wallet brands is its’ quality materials. Source from a family-owned tannery in Tuscany the leather is beyond beautiful resulting in long-lasting leather that really comes into its own after extensive use developing a beautiful patina. 

The range of unique colors the Axess long slim comes in is also worth noting. While you can still too typical bi-fold colors such as black and brown the wallet I used was deep emerald green. It really stood out to me as its rich color was something I’d not experienced in a wallet before. I’m sure over time the patina it would develop would be nothing short of what you see on the statue of liberty.

Functionality & Utility 

As far as the Axess’ functionality goes it’s very good. With a max capacity of 8 cards and a transparent ID pocket on the inside of the wallet. The wallet also features a quick draw pocket on the front. This doesn’t include a quick access draw feature but it is nice to have a place where your most used card is easily accessible and you don’t need to open your wallet to get. 

Finally, the wallet has inside pockets which are RFID blocking which means you don’t need to worry about contactless fraud. This is a nice aspect and a nice addition to see as many wallets on the market today don’t yet include RFID protection as standard (you usually have to pay an additional fee). 

Final Verdict

The Axess Long slim wallet is a nice traditional bi-fold brought into modern times and is functional yet stylish in its use of premium materials and range of colors. Coming in at a price tag of $59 the wallet is competitively priced with other premium wallets and is a great consideration for those willing to spend a little more on their daily carry. 

For more information on the Axess, wallet check out their official website by clicking the link below. 


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