The Atelier Pall Wallet Review

A Wallet Brand Rich in History

The Atelier Pall Snap Wallet is a distinctive leather wallet designed to carry only the essentials in a slim, low profile, minimalist wallet. What I was researching the Atelier Pall I was incredibly surprised by the brand’s history and age first being established in 1955. Atelier Pall was driven by the passion of traditional craftsmanship with the aim of re-purposing leather pieces. This is still a core part of their philosophy today even after they reach their third generation of leather craftsmen. 

Functionality & Features

The Atelier Pall Snap Wallet itself is a wonderfully compact size coming in at just 7.5 × 10.5cm. This enables a great feel in the pocket while also retaining a decent level of functionality. This includes a credit/debit card capacity of between 4-6 cards (split between a front and back pocket) and a center pocket for banknotes folded (around 3 – 5 bills). The only other feature the Snap Wallet has is its metal push fastener that keeps the wallet shut and prevents your cash and cards from falling out. This clip is made from a lovely brushed brass that has a very vintage look to it. 

Look & Design

Made from a distressed Genuine Leather I was surprised on inspection the quality of the leather was higher than what other genuine leather wallets usually offer. Genuine Leather is known for its poorer quality that’s usually evident with its thin floppy leather and lack of smell. I usually would recommend staying away from any Genuine Leather wallet, but The Snap Wallet seems to be of better quality than most wallets of this type so I’m confused to as whether or not it’ll last over time.

The Snap Wallet also comes with free engraving (text) on the surface of the leather. This is quite a common feat in the world of handcrafted wallets, but what makes Atelier Pall different is the fact this engraving can be up to 250 characters. I’m unsure if this is simply a mistake on the website (it probably is), as I’d doubt there’s even enough room for 250 characters on the wallet anyway. That being said, if anyone actually tried purchasing the wallet with max characters please let us know how it went. 

Final Verdict

Coming in at a price tag of $37.00 the Atelier Pall Wallet is right on the fringe of a mid-tier priced wallet. That wallet definitely has a classic and beautiful look to it enhanced by the distressed leather and beautiful brass pin. The wallet is lovely to use and is a great size for a compromise between seamless and great card storage. That being said, I can’t get over the fact the wallet is only made from Genuine Leather that is more susceptible to degrading over time. For more information on the Atelier Pall Snap Wallet check out their website, and full range, by clicking the link below.

  • Functionality 68% 68%
  • Design 73% 73%
  • Price 70% 70%



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