Arc’Teryx Veilance Wallet Review

Clean, Minimalist, and for Amazing Quality

As far as a minimalist and attractive wallet goes I really feel the Veilance Wallet by Arc’Teryx is something of a unique specimen. It’s an incredibly simple down even for the most minimalists. Arc’ Teryx is a brand is most famed for its range of clothing aimed specifically at travelers, and protective wear for the elements and outdoors. They also put a lot of emphasis on their goals towards sustainability-designed clothing. Arc’Teryx is refreshing in the fact they’re totally transparent regarding their business’s environmental impact. The quote below resonated with me and made me appreciate the brand more and showcases their efforts to help the cause long term. 

‘65% of a garment’s environmental impact happens before you even see it – during manufacturing and sourcing. That is a problem that can be spread out across lifetimes if the product is built to last – with timeless design, outstanding quality, dedicated durability. The most sustainable purchase is no purchase. Buying pre-loved Used Gear’.

The Velilance wallet takes what Arc’Teryx does best and puts it all into a highly distinctive wallet. In a bi-fold style, the wallet really doesn’t provide much more than 2 internal card slots, with nothing else on the inside or outside of the wallet. From a design perspective, this gives the Veilance wallet a really sleek, smooth, and attractive look. This is boosted by the fact the wallet is made from a full-grain leather supplied by the famed Horween Tannery. I personally love how it looks. Its clean look and deep rich color really set it apart, while its edges are painted to provide a cleaner, more consistent aesthetically pleasing appearance. 

With all that being said, the main issue with the Veilance wallet, as you’ve probably guessed, is its functionality. Being the way it’s designed the wallet does offer much in terms of cash or card storage. Art’Teryx suggests the wallet can hold up to 8 credit/debit cards in total, and although that is true, I found the wallet gets way too bulky and much too difficult to easily access cards with anything above 4 cards (2 in each slot). Cash is also a bit afterthought with the Veilance wallet and with no dedicated slot to store it you’re left either cramming it inside one of the two card slots or simply storing it elsewhere. 

Overall, I have mixed feelings about the Veilance Wallet. On one hand, the wallet looks so damn fine, with wonderful quality and craftsmanship. On the other, the wallet simply doesn’t fit my, or probably most people’s, needs in terms of effective storage for my cash, cards, or other EDC items. I find myself torn between loving and hating the wallet and know for a fact if Arc’Teryx did change the design to accommodate more space, it would in and of itself, take away from what makes the wallet look so great. But all things considered, at a price tag of $175.00 this wallet is far too expensive, and considering its downsides I can’t say I recommend it. 

  • Functionality 59% 59%
  • Design 83% 83%
  • Price 60% 60%



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