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The A-Slim Machete Wallet Review

A-Slim has always been a brand I’ve had in my own personal radar and this month I finally got my hands on a selection of their wallet offering. With a distinct eye for detail and a well thought out brand I went in with a gung-ho attitude and I wasn’t disappointed with the first wallet I decided to use. 

The A-Slim Machete is a fairly standard bi-fold wallet. Made from high-quality material what really shines about this wallet is its look and feel in the hand. But how does it fare as a daily carry? And can it beat other wallets at similar prices? Let’s take a more detailed look at what this wallet has to offer.

‘Wallets are about form and function. The goal for a designer is to refine these functional objects, make them beautiful. If we achieve this then each time you reach for your wallet it provides you with pleasure. We often forget it is these everyday objects that provide solutions with such grace and humility’.

Look & Design

The A-Slim Machete is something of great beauty. It’s fundamental design and functionality are very simple in practice but what it excels in is its ease of use and amazing design, touch and feel. Designed like your traditional leather bi-fold the material is something that stood out to me immediately. Being made from a soft touch leather material really gives it a premium look and feel. The material has unique and natural patina which, again, adds to its unique individuality as a wallet. The inside is also lined with a great rustic design which further adds to its attractive look. As far as designs go I find it hard to find something as attractive or well built.

From a stylistic perspective, the wallet is available in a huge variety of different colors. Whether you want to stick to the more traditional colors of black or brown or want to go for a mix of color (blue & yellow or green & black) I’m sure a style is available to meet everyone’s individual preferences. 

Functionality & Utility 

As for its functionality, the A-Slim Machete goes back to the basics. With 4 individual slots for cards, I found the machete can hold a maximum of 8 cards (2 cards per slot) although I found it best with 1 per slot or 4 total. The final feature is a long roomy back slot dedicated entirely for note storage. Since the A-Slim range is built in the UK it fits all currency types with ease with no issues. This is great for people who are still heavy carriers of physical cash as it provides ample room why still being a very slim wallet. All in all, although the A-Slim Machete doesn’t bring any new or quick access features to the table it shouldn’t take away from a nice degree of functions in an attractive little package. 

Height: 10.46 cm
Width: 8.38 cm
Depth: 0.93 cm
Weight: 60 g
Card Capacity: Up To 8 Cards
RFID Protection: Yes
Card Slots: 4 Card Slots
Note / Bill Pocket? Yes

‣ Up to eight cards
‣ Flat notes


The A-slim Machete is mid to low priced wallet coming in at £39.99. This is a fair price for this wallet? I’m not sure. It seems high for the basic wallet that it is. Nevertheless, the wallet is of high quality and does what it does in its simplistic nature well. If you really like what this wallet has to offer go for it. But keep in mind for a similar price other equally good if not better wallets do exist. 

Final Verdict

The A-Slim is a great wallet a unique design that fails to compare to other leather bi-folds. If you’re looking for the all singing and dancing wallet then the Machete probably isn’t for you. Nevertheless, for a great price, built quality and size, I think the A-Slim could be the perfect wallet for you. 

For more information regarding the Machete please visit their website here. Alternatively, stay tuned for their other wallet reviews coming very soon. 

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