What is Buttero Leather? 

Leather Identification Guide 

Buttero Lether is a famed Italian Leather originating from the Conceria Walpier Tannery. This tannery was founded in 1974. Dating back over 40 years Buttero Leather has a long family heritage and continues to strive for some of the highest quality and most sort after leather on the market. They use a traditional vegetable tanning process, a process itself that dates back to ancient times,  to care for a natural leather that adapts to any type of product. 

Why choose Buttero Leather?

Buttero Leather is known for the range of colors the leather is available. When you think of vegetable tanned leather you don’t normally associate it with deep, rich, and stark color options. Buttero Leather breaks this tradition and provides a huge variety of vibrant and deep colors including yellows, greens, and reds. 

The Second thing that makes Buttero Lether distinctive is its feel to the touch. The wallet has a very smooth finish with a wonderful glossy shine to it. Because of this, the leather is easily scratched but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it’s these markings that will help it age and develop better patina over time (more on this below). 

How does the leather age?

We all know that full-grain leather of this type is very durable, but Buttero Leather also is great for people who love Patina’s and want a unique-looking leather after extensive use over time. I generally found that due to the smoother surface of the leather, Buttero Leather ages faster and is more prone to increasing the speed at which a Patina will develop. This is great for people who hate to wait for leather goods to form this attractive quality. 


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