What is a Passcase Wallet?

Your Guide to the Handy Leather Flap

Ever heard the term Passcase Wallet thrown about? While being a fairly uncommon term the passcase wallet used to be one of the most popular types of wallets on the market being a major innovation to the traditional bi-fold. In a nutshell, a Passcase Wallet is typically a bi-fold wallet that has an additional, usually removable, flap of leather that allows for additional storage of cash, cards, and most commonly an ID Window. 

Advantages of a Passcase Wallet

Provides Versatility: A removable passcase means you can use it when needed and ditch it when you don’t. If you need additional space in your wallet, then you can simply use the leather flap to store additional cards. On the other hand, if you want to slim down your daily carry you can just remove it. Having a passcase wallet allows you to tailor your everyday carry to your individual needs.

Easily and quickly show your ID Cards: The main benefit is to easily provide access to an ID Card. You can flip the passcase element out providing an easy way to show your ID while concealing the inside of your wallet (for security and protection).

Disadvantages of a Passcase Wallet

Passcase wallets improve and add functionality to any bi-fold wallet. But their main issue is they can really bulk up and increase the size of your wallet. Bifolds are not small wallets at the best of times, so adding in the passcase element can further increase its size. 

Another issue is the fact the removable leather flap can be easily lost. I’ve heard horror stories of those who have come to use their wallet only to find the passcase leather flap is missing. Most likely accidentally fallen out at some point in time. 

Things to look for in a Passcase Wallet

Is it removable or not? Having the option to remove the passcase element of your wallet is a fantastic way to have added flexibility in how you use your wallet. That being said, many passcase wallets don’t allow for this flap of leather’s removable. Although I personally prefer the latter, this does have its advantages. Having it fixed in place means it can’t accidentally be removed or lost.

Additional storage or just an ID? Most passcase wallets use this flap to easily show an ID or employee card. The front is usually covered with a see-through plastic allowing visibility of your chosen card. On the other hand, some passcase wallets simply have additional card slots. It’s up to you to decide what functionality you need from your wallet and choose accordingly. You can sometimes get passcase wallets that have both an ID Slot on one side and additional card slots on the reverse – ultra-functional. 

RFID Protection: I’ve talked a lot about RFID Protection – too much in fact. RFID protection is a security measure that helps protect your wallet against certain crimes. These crimes involve people scanning and swiping your cards using contact technology. RFID Wallets protect your card by blocking the signals that would usually activate this technology.


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