What Is a Biker Wallet? [Top Picks 2020]

What do you think of when you hear the term ‘Biker Wallet’? A wallet for cyclists? Maybe one made from recycled bike tyers? As much as these things are cool (and actually exist) a traditional Biker wallet has a much longer and interesting history that first meets the eye. In this article, we’re going to be looking into the history, what they are, where to buy them, and which are best. This is the ultimate guide to the most distinct wallet on the wallet – meet the Biker Wallet

If you’ve stumbled across this article then you’ve probably stumbled across a Biker wallet in the wild. The actual definition is very muddled and will vary depending on its source. The term ‘Biker Wallet’ was first by bikers (those people with the large motorbikes and tattoos) providing them with a range of new wallet ‘features’ that popularised these to the masses. The likes of chains, art, and symbolism and distinctive use of exotic leathers are just a few.


What makes a Biker Wallet different?

Biker wallets are usually defined by their size, design, and inclusion of a chain. Biker wallets are much larger and longer and usually have a bifold, and sometimes trifold, style. This larger size usually means the wallet can accommodate a huge variety of items including large amounts of cash and cards. The type of leather that’s used is also something to consider. I’ve yet to come across a Biker Wallet brand that doesn’t use some of the highest quality leathers on the market (usually full-grain leather). That being said, I’ve also seen many biker wallets made from more exotic leathers including crocodile or buffalo leather. Below is a more detailed look into what makes a Biker Wallet different.

Symbolism & Art

Along with this Biker wallets usually come in some of the most eccentric and detailed designs on any wallet on the market today. These designs are extremely niche (either love or hate type of thing), but theirs no doubt a lot of hard work goes into creating such intricate designs. The designs represented are usually very similar and are usually dragons or skulls. These designs go beyond depictions and can also include beautiful and intricate weavings and metal accents that give the biker wallets the most distinctive look out of all wallets on the market. 


Popularising the Wallet Chain

Finally, biker wallets tend to come with an attachment point that’s used for arching a chain. Chains have a long history with use in men’s wallets and although they’re currently out of fashion, continue to be stable for biker wallets. Biker Chains were most commonly made from silver traditionally due to its premium look, durability, and inability to tarnish over time. Chains can come in a wide range of sizes and styles and is actually another fantastic way to personalize your wallet to your liking. These Chains also have used as a Biker. Imagine driving a motorbike and losing your wallet? This was probably a common problem so a chain, attached to your wallet and body, was the best option for keeping everything secure when on the move. 

Should I buy a Biker Wallet?

Biker wallets should only be considered by people who love the unique designs the wallets typically have and want a wallet with enough room for many credit cards and cash. Biker wallets really break the mold when it comes to what we know about wallets and if you’ve found this article the chance are you’ve already made up your mind to whether you’d like a Biker Wallet or not. Below we’ve compiled a shortlist of some of our favorite Biker wallets for people looking for the best options available on the market. 

Mr. Lentz: A premium wallet brand creating handmade leather wallets. Although they’re quite plain in design if you’re looking for a chain Mr. Lentz might be the way to go.

Biker Wallets: The website named wallet is it and offers some of the best

Biker Ring Shop: Another shop dedicated to selling all sorts of Biker appeal, including Biker wallets.

iChain Wallets: Another great option for browsing through a wide range of biker wallets with chains, without or with intricate symbolic designs. 

Etsy: Etsy seems to have a great range and selection of Biker wallets to browse through. See what sort of Biker wallets you can find.


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