The Wallet Pen Review

A Simple Pen to Expand your EDC

As the name suggests The Wallet Pen is a contact-sized pen specifically designed to fit within a wallet, and designed in a way where the company has tried to create an all-inclusive shape allowing the Wallet Pen to effectively fit within most bifold wallets. The pen itself has a really elegant and striking design with a great shape and form. I love the fact it has a vibe the expresses a certain place in time. I can very much imagine this wallet being used by rich men from generations gone by. 

Along with this, the Wallet Pen doesn’t skimp on quality. Each pen is made from sterling silver giving it a classy look and proving its much than just a pretty face but also has high quality and durable materials to back this fact up. As you’d imagine, the Wallet Pen has to be pretty small in size to accommodate the fact it’s designed to fit in the averaged sized men’s wallet. Coming in at 3 inches in length and between 4 – 5mm in diameter, the pen is a great size. That being said, the compact nature of the pen could cause some issues for men with larger-sized hands. The pen is small, so comfortably writing with is an issue I’ve had especially when using it for longer periods of time. 

Finally, The Wallet Pen comes in a small but elegant array of design options with the option of a custom engraving on its sides for an additional $15.00. This includes up to 16 standard letters of your choice. All in all, The Wallet Pen is a fine example of great craftsmanship. I tried it with at least 10 different bi-fold wallets and found no issues with its ability to easy fit (thanks to its strong attachment clip), without the fear it could drop of the wallet. The wallet pen isn’t cheap starting at $75.00, but could be a nice little attention to any wallet for those with a large enough budget. 

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