Unbox Therapy Wallets [Review & Guide]

A while ago (3 years now) the popular YouTuber Unbox Therapy uploaded a video titled  ‘What makes the world’s best wallet?’. In this review, he goes through 8 wallets giving his opinion on each giving his verdict on the best wallets on the market today. To re-watch the video click here.

In this article is I’m going to go through, in turn, each of the wallets he reviewed and give my own opinion on each while comparing the verdict Unbox therapy gave to each of the wallets. 3 years is a long time and although many new wallets have entered the market since 2017 some of the brands he reviewed were, and still are, some of the most popular wallets on the market today (others not quite so much).


Vaultskin Chelsea Wallet

I’m quite a fan of the Vaultskin brand as a whole. They provide a great, yet small, array of high-quality minimalist wallets that look, feel, and function well. The Chelsea wallet (the one Unbox Therapy reviewed) is the slimmest one out of the range and is fantastic for people who don’t carry many cards and like to go cashless more often than not. 

Although the Chelsa wallet is great this isn’t my particular favorite in the Vaultskin range. That title belongs to the amazingly slim and versatile Vaultskin City wallet. This elegant bi-fold is a simple but effective wallet that transforms the traditional bi-fold slim lines it for the 21st-century man. For our full review of the Vaultskin city, wallet click here or check out their official website with the link below.


Distil Union Wally Micro

Distil Union is a brand that I’ve never really been a ‘big’ advocate of. I could go into a long spiel regarding my reasons why but it really comes down to 3 things. Lack of functionality, poor quality materials, and high prices. The Wally Micro is probably the most unusual. Less of a wallet and more of a cardholder style wallet, debit/credit cards are stacked upon each other secured between a leather casing and an elastic strap for flexibility. 

The wallet does have a great capacity for cards but it doesn’t store cash very well and can bulk out very easily. Too few cards in the Micro and you get the reverse to happen. A very flimsy and unkempt wallet overall this is my least favorite wallet on this list and not one we’d personally recommend. Check out our full review of this wallet using the link below.


Distil Union Wally Sleeve

Out of the two Distil Union Wallets Unbox Therapy reviewed the Wally Sleeve is by far the better wallet. Although the capacity for card storage is much less the wallet has a better overall look, feel, and usability to it. The wallet was designed especially for people who don’t carry very much with them (a few cards and little cash) and want something slim and lightweight. 

Although I do like the Distil Union Wally Sleeve I tend to find the build quality to be sub-par and with a price as high as $45.00 I find it hard to recommend it as a wallet. The wallet’s come in all different shapes and sizes and Wally Sleeve’s design isn’t uncommon and can be found cheaper by other brands. See for yourself the range of Distil Union wallet using the link below.


Ippinka MKC Wallet

The MKC Wallet is an unusual take on the classic leather wallet. Its main feature is the option to store a small variety of small items including keys, USBs, and even a bottle opener. This is done with a pivot mechanism that allows you key to slide around in a 360-degree motion so it can be angular and used to open/close doors while on the move and without having to take it off the wallet. 

The wallet is actually really cleverly made and is also very slim for what it can store. Along with its premium full-grain leather, high capacity for cash and cards, and the ability to store keys and other small items the MKC Wallet is a really nice little wallet. For more information on the MKC Wallet check out their official website with the link below.


The Keyclip Wallet

One thing I quickly noticed about the wallets Unbox Therapy reviewed as they have a sort of fascination with keys. 2 out of the 8 wallets all have unique ways of storing keys. That might not seem like a high percentage, but key wallets are incredibly rare, and niche, and probably not what most people are looking for when they purchase a wallet.

At the time of the review, the Keyclip wallet was still in its crowdfunding phase having already raised enough to secure its funding on Kickstarter. The wallet is creative in its primary function with a unique array of attachment points enabling you to store and attach a variety of keys that flip out for easy access and use. The wallet is made from a combination of metal and fiberglass with room for up to 6 keys and 8 non-embossed cards. For more information on the Keyclip Wallet check out their official website with the link below.


The Ridge Wallet

Arguably the most famous wallet the Ridge is one of the best examples of Kickstarter success I’ve ever come across. With its distinctive, all-metal design and innovative shape, the wallet was one of the first all-metal minimalist wallets that really took off and could be reasonable for what we know as the ‘metal wallet’ today. 

Today Ridge has a lot of competition, big brands such as Dango and Trayvax have jumped on the metal/EDC Wallet market and are heavily competing in this niche market. The wallet isn’t that cheap either so keep that in mind if you’re on a budget. For our full review of the Ridge Wallet check out our article here or check out the official Ridge website below.


The Andar Pilot Wallet

This is a great choice on this list. Andar has been a favorite wallet brand of mine for a while. They produce an innovative range of leather wallets that go above and beyond to create stylish wallets at really affordable prices. Everything from the high-quality crazy horse leather through to the well thought out designs the Andar range has it all. 

Although the Andar Pilot isn’t my favorite Andar wallet (The Andar Apollo takes that title) it still excels in all my dimensions including high storage capacity, great easy to use design and amazing materials. This was a great wallet to include in Unbox Therapy’s wallet review. For more information on the Andar Wallet range check out their official website with the link below.

Final Verdict

Overall, it’s a mixed bag of wallets that Unbox Therapy reviewed. I understand they’ve probably not reviewed a huge bunch of wallets given the fact they’re primarily a tech review site this is understandable. I highly recommend both the Vaultskin, Andar, and Ridge range of wallets but Distil Union, along with the 2 key wallet brands, are very much forgettable. The key wallets serve a niche (and do it well) but I can’t really recommend a wallet like this as the whole selling point revolves around something that not everybody wants or needs (storage of a key(s)).


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