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The Monogram Minimalist Wallet

Every so often a crowdfunding project catches my eye standing out from an oversaturated crowd. This month a usual range of leather wallets caught my attention for this one simple reason – A Monogram. For those who are unaware of what a Monogram is let me explain. A monogram is a motif made by overlapping and combining two or more letters to form one unique symbol. The craft dates back to as early as 350BC where it has been found on many coins of the time. 

The folks at VERGEco are bringing this ancient tradition back to the masses with its innovative Monogram Wallet. Backers of this project will not only receive one of two wallets of their choice but also a unique personalized Monogram personally designed with your initials of choice.  Let’s now take a closer look at the Monogram wallets and how you can get your hands on this amazing wallet on Kickstarter.  

Look & Design

The look and feel of the Monogram wallets are very much intuned with a classic leather bi-fold. The quality you can expect from these wallets is on par with some of the highest quality wallets in the world. Being handmade from 100% vegetable tanned leather, with a single piece construction, the Monogram wallet expels quality and craftsmanship. After only a small amount of time using the wallet, it was clear that over time the wallet was going to develop a beautiful patina further proving the sheer merit and stature this wallet provides. The final and probably most important aspect of this wallet, and the reason you’ll probably consider it, is the included personalized monogram.

What is a Monogram?

Monograms were created to indicate the belonging of something. Their use, started from the fifth century, first integrated on coins, then later by artists and in aristocratic circles. The monogram has always been a symbol of high social status for its owner. And these days, a unique way to stand out from the crowd. In the case of the Monogram wallet, when you purchase one of these, you’ll get your own custom made Monogram based on any two letters (initials) of your choice. This will be hand designed by the team at VERGEco and completely unique to you. The monogram will serve as your personal signature, and no one will ever be able to say that they have the same wallet as you.


Functionality & Utility 

When considering backing the Monogram Wallet you have a choice between two wallets in their range. The first, being more of a traditional bi-fold the wallet is much larger (93mm X 85mmx6mm) than its counterpart with a great clean look being available in brown or black.

The wallet has great storage for both cash and cards with a maximum capacity of up to 6 cards and 25 bills (banknotes). Notes are stored flush in a dedicated long note slot, while cards are stacked upon each other in one of the two card slots (3 cards in each).

The second choice, depending on how much you back in the campaign, is the slightly cheaper Monogram Cardholder. This is a simple card sleeve design, again handmade from leather and with your choice of Monogram printed on the front. With a smaller more minimalist size (101mm x 91mm x 6mm thick) means that storage capacity is going to be less. If you’re someone like me who enjoys a slim wallet as opposed to one with a larger bulkier wallet then the Cardholder is probably a better choice for you.


Pledge Rewards & Price

If you’re unfamiliar with crowdfunding sites then let me explain how they work. If you’re interested in a project you can pledge a certain amount of money to receive a reward in return. The project’s creator change these rewards to be as enticing or as creative as possible. In the case of the Monogram Wallet, there are two rewards you’ll really want to consider that really dictate the price tag of the Monogram wallets. 

If you decide to pledge $29 that will get you the smaller and previously discussed Monogrammed Cardholder, the smaller slimmer of the two wallets. VERGEco says this is a 35% reduction of what the retail price would be if this wallet ever came to market. The next pledge reward is for $39.00 or more which is for the larger of the two wallets – the Monogram Bifold. Again, this is a 35% reduction in the retail price.


Final Verdict

Having reviewed hundreds of wallets over the years this is the first I’ve ever come across one that puts some much emphasis on a personal monogram. When browsing through some of the designs it’s clear the team at VERGEco has put tremendous effort into each and every monogram and will continuously strive for the best designs.

The Monogram wallets are truly a piece of art. If you’re looking for a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a wallet that hosts a monogram truly unique to yourself then this is definitely the wallet for you. Although engravings are seen and done by many other wallet brands on the market nothing comes close to the purely creative, and uniqueness of this wallet. 

For more information on the Monogram Wallet(s) by VERGEco check out the crowdfunding campaign, on Kickstarter, for yourself. The campaign will be live for over a month and they’re very limited in the availability of these handmade wallets (hoping to raise a small total of $1000). Wallets estimated to ship September 2020.


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