The Tenuis 3 Wallet Review

The Japenese Crowdfunded Wallet

The Tenuis 3 Wallet is the latest success story crowdfunded on the Japanese ‘Kickstarter’ alternative Camp Fire. Having raised ¥44,039,903 (that’s the equivalent of nearly $500,000). This is by far the most successful crowdfunding campaign, on any platform, I’ve come across for a wallet this year – amazing stuff. What makes the Tenuis 3 Wallet so popular is probably down to its sleek design and combination of unique materials. 

The Tenuis Wallet is made from two materials, mixed, including a canvas and goats leather. Goat Leather isn’t a type of leather I’ve ever come across before in a bi-fold wallet. This leather type has some interesting and beneficial properties known for its softness, lightweight, and strength. This is down to its tightly/densely packed fiber structure and combined with the Canvas provides an even more resilient wallet. Over time the material itself will form a ‘type of patina’ or grain pattern that wrinkles over time and provides a unique texture that’s both attractive and beautiful. The Tenuis is available in 3 different colors including blue, black, and grey.

The wallet also has great functionality thanks to its larger than normal size (Width 90mm x Length 110mm x Thickness 6mm). Its size is actually indicative of the Japanese market. Japanese is a very cash-focused society and many of their banknotes are very large in size meaning they need a bigger wallet to accommodate this. The likes of credit/debit cards are used less and more emphasis on bills and even extensive use of coins. The Tenuis can store between 1 – 6 cards easily and includes a zipper slot located on the other side of the bi-fold for storage of coins and other small. Hidden away are also two secret slots for an additional card and the storage of a key. 

Due to only recently been funded the Tenuis 3 Wallet isn’t yet available to anyone outside of the crowdfunding scheme. That being said, we can make a guess of the retail price of the wallet that seems to be somewhere around ¥8190 (or $80.00). The Tenuis is a wonderful wallet in my opinion. It has a fantastic design thanks to its materials and great functionality for easy access to all your belongings. For more information on the Tenuis 3, check out their official website using the link below. 

  • Functionality 78% 78%
  • Design 85% 85%
  • Price 68% 68%



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