The Sapling Aluminum Wallet Review

The Good
  • Great use of material. A beautifully handcrafted wallet made from strong lightweight aluminum. 
  • Very slim and lightweight which is perfect for minimalist lovers and those who want a really slim EDC.
The Bad
  • Lacks some crucial functionality. The wallet is very simple and has some issues with card and note storage.
  • The wallet is very expensive for what you get coming in at $60.00. I think there are other better wallets available at cheaper prices. 

Metal wallets can be a sort of enigma for some people. A strange fusion of hard metal weaved into a complex array of curves and bends. Metal wallets are for those people who want nothing more than to look the part. Whipping out that metal wallet turns heads, makes people stare. “What is that”? Style. A bold statement of being different from the norm. Metal wallets are one of my favorite types of wallets for that reason. But they also offer some distinct advantages. They’re hardy, strong, will last a lifetime, and minimalist in size. 

This review is going to look at the sapling stealth series wallet – specifically the Aluminum version of the wallet. This Sapling is very simplistic in its approach to just about everything. In fact, I’d go as far as to say the wallet is basically a cardholder with very little more to it than that. Cards fit within the perfectly molded grooves secured in place by a thin piece of elastic material. Let’s now take a closer look at what the Sapling Aluminum wallet has to offer.


Look & Design

Being made from aluminum is a great choice of metal as it’s incredibly lightweight and durable yet doesn’t bend easily making it a wallet that could last a long time with proper care. One nice thing to mention though is Sapling provides a free engraving onto the wallet. Anything of your choice. It’s also worth mentioning the tiny size of this wallet. Coming in at just 1/4″ x 3 5/8″ x 1/4″ the wallet is incredibly thin and along with its lightweight (at 1.5 oz), it’s also very light, something of a unique feature for a metal wallet. 

The wallet comes in a small but attractive range of colors. These include Gold, Black, and silver or a combination of the two. I really like the fact they give you a choice of color and each is distinctive yet attractive. My favorite, and the one I got, was the silver one and it synergized well with my other EDC items.

Another thing to consider is the wallet’s grip texture. I’ve never come across a wallet that has such a distinctive texture. This isn’t just for aesthetic purposes (a nice design) but also serves a purpose for providing more friction between you and the wallet when in use. This means the wallet is more secure in the hands and is easier to feel and handle.


Functionality & Utility 

The Sapling really is a simple minimalist wallet. With a card capacity between 1 – 6 cards the wallet is best suited for people looking to slim down their wallet and carry less on a daily basis. Cards are stored with the classic stacking method. Cards are stored on top of each other to further reduce bulk maximining the small space the wallet has due to its size. This does come with a drawback though. Card stacking as a storage mechanism can be a little clumsy, in that cards can be more difficult to access.

In terms of notes, cash is securely stored using the included elasticated band. The elasticated band is around the middle of the wallet and is very strong and durable yet flexible enough that you’ll have no trouble using it, nor worry it may snap with extensive use. Again the drawback to this way of storing cash is banknotes will have to be folded in half, sometimes multiple times, to fit correctly. These are all common drawbacks when you choose a more minimalist size wallet.


Price Tag

Coming in at a price tag of $60.00. Is this a fair price for a wallet of this caliber? I’m not entirely sure. The wallet is simple, yet effective but doesn’t really pose any additional advantages compared to other wallets on the market – especially other metal wallets. If you were to consider the Sapling Wallet then it would probably be down to its unique design and nothing more as better alternatives (more features) do exist for similar or even cheaper prices. The choice is really down to whether or not you like the design of the wallet enough to pay the $60 price tag.

Final Verdict

Would I recommend the Sapling Aluminum Wallet? Probably not. The wallet functions fine as a gloried cardholder and does an effective job of providing a minimalist alternative to any wallet. The design is probably the best thing about the wallet as its unique metal curves and textures really make it stand out for a very saturated market. Nevertheless, as previously mentioned, the $60.00 price tag is probably a little too dear for my liking when compared to other wallets on the market. For more information on Sapling Aluminum Wallet check out their official website by clicking the link below.


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