Omega Titanium Wallet Review

A Now Defunct Metal Wallet

The Omega Titanium Wallet was a titanium made minimalist wallet that was first funded through Kickstarter back in 2013 and was probably one of the first renditions of the classic metal wallet we know today. It used a plate system, where two metal plates hold your cards between, using small rubber bands to add flexibility. Overall, the wallet was very well received raining over $100,000 in crowdfunding success.

Unfortunately, since its release and success, the guys at Omega have gone offline no longer sell their popular wallet. This has caused some issues with original purchasers of the wallet as the elastic bands (also known as O-Rings) have a tendency to snap after prolonged use of the wallet, yet they have no way to purchase any replacement bands. Because of the unavailability of the original Omega Titanium Wallet, below I’m going to provide some similar alternatives to the Omega you can find on the market at present. 

My top alternative to the Omega Titanium Wallet would be either The Ridge Wallet, the most popular metal wallet in the world, or the more affordable Wallum M1 Wallet. The Ridge is a similar metal plate design but also comes in the option of great customization with a range of metals and colors to choose from (starting at $75.00). The Wallum M1 on the other hand is more similar to the Omega wallet as it also uses the same elastic O-Rings to secure the wallet and at a cheaper price at that (coming in at $55.00). For more similar wallets to the Omega Wallet, you can check out our full guide to the best metal wallets on the market today using the link below. 

Attenuo Wallet Review

Attenuo Wallet Review

The Attenuo Wallet is a fully metal wallet made form lightweight 6061 aluminium with RFID Protection and great card storage. Check out our full review of this wallet today.


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