Monbue One Wallet Review

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The Monbue One Wallet is a highly innovative premium wallet that builds upon, and improves, many popular wallets on the market today. As a new brand Monbue first come onto the scene as late as last year. With a luxury quality to their one wallet, I couldn’t help trying one out as its range of features both creative that I’ve yet to come across in any other wallet on the market.

Made in Austria Monbue also have a sustainable approach to the wallets they make with the Monbue wallet being 100% recyclable made with a mixture of recycled and biodegradable materials. It’s still quite rare for wallet brands, especially those that use leather, to take an ethical approach in the development and production of their wallets so I’m happy to see Monbue take action in this regard. Let’s now take a deep dive to see what the Monbue One Wallet can offer you. 

Look & Design

The Monbue One Wallet is one of the more interesting designs I’ve come across. This is probably due to the fact that it doesn’t use just one material put 3 in its design. This includes is the primary material of an aluminum shell, which hosts a cascading card mechanism, and two different types of leather (one of them being Cactus Leather)!

Body the wallet is made out of lightweight aluminum full stop it has a fantastic feeling the hand isn’t overly heavy or bulky but still retains a hardy disposition to help protect against wear and tear. On the front of the wallet, is a strip of fine-grain Italian leather. this leather has a fantastic vintage look to it with a thick hide and a fantastic smell. So I couldn’t find much information regarding The tannery that produces leather comma in my experience, it is a fantastic quality logo and most likely will develop a wonderful patina over time.

In terms of size, the mon blue wallet comes in at 10 x 6 x 1.5 cm. This size small enough to be considered a minimalist while but is still much smaller than most traditional leather bifolds on the market. I like to call these types of wallets hybrids as they have a size large enough to retain great capacity but I’m too small all to inhibit it too much.


Functionality & Utility 

The functionality of them on blue Wally is unique, to say the least. On the main, the wallet has two main ways of storing your cash cards. The first is it is in a similar way to many other popular cascading cards, all pop-up, wall it’s on the market (think Ekster or Secrid). Those you don’t know, pop-up wallets use an internal mechanism to push or propel your cards outwards spreading them out in an easy-to-access manner. A very intuitive way to use and provides probably one of the most satisfying ways to access credit or debit cards easily. In total, the wallet can store up to 7 credit/debit cards.

The second main feature of the mon blue wallet is probably one of the most unique ways I’ve seen to store coins. It’s no secret in the wallet industry that the majority of wallets on the market don’t allow for storage of coins assuming most men role simply carry them as loose change in their pocket. Their innovative coin storage solution uses a coin stacking approach. A container with 2 identical and symmetrical slots runs down the wallet and is perfectly shaped to stack coins into one on top of the other. A cutout in the back provides easy access to these coins with a simple slide of a finger upwards. It really is an intuitive and effective method of storing cards. It holds coins securely in place (no rattling of loose coins), and keeps the bulk to a minimum. In total, the Monbue Wallet can store up to 6 coins of all sizes and denominations. 

Finally, the Monbue Wallet comes with RFID Protection. This security measure is commonly implemented by wallet brands to help prevent the rising crime of contactless card fraud. If you don’t know, this crime, known as skimming, is commonly used by many criminals across the world to automatically activate contactless payment systems and steal your money. RFID protection is not always necessary, but it’s nice to have if you’re from a country where contactless payments are used extensively all this type of crime is simply on the rise locally to you. 


Final Verdict

The price of the mon blue wallet comes in at €198.00 (approximately $234.00 USD). Compared to other wallets on the market this is a hefty and quite expensive price tag and those who are looking for a more luxurious high-quality wallet. When it comes to wallets in the hundreds of dollars price range it’s hard to really make an impossible decision as to whether or not it’s worth its hefty price tag. Honestly calmer for what it is fantastic, it uses premium materials as unique functionality and just works. 

That being said, there’s no doubt that other wallets on the are similar to this 1, do exist, and much more affordable prices. With this in mind, it’s entirely up to you and your budget whether or not you feel that around $234.00 is a fair price for you. For more information on the monitor blue wallet check out the official website using the link below.


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