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James Bond is a fictional character I’m sure most of the world is aware of. Throughout the dozens of movies Bond is renowned for his array of cool gadgets, guns, and of course everyday carry accessories. This article is going to go into detail regarding James Bond’s Wallet which has been featured in many of the movies along with having a look at the official wallets sold by the 007 website. Let’s dig in. 

Thanks to the great guys at James Bond Lifestyle and the Bond Motion Exhibition in London, we can take a closer look at James Bond’s exact EDC from the movie Casino Royale. In the photo below you can clearly see some of the typical things Bond carries with him (gun, and wallet), but the most noticeable thing for me, is how he carries his cash. Alongside what looks to be a very generic and non-branded bi-fold wallet, Bond uses a very stylish money clip manufactured and produced by the Brand Douglas Pell. 


This Sterling Silver Money Clip is not only quality but absolutely gorgeous to look at – definitely fit for a spy. It was featured in Casino Royale during one particular scene where after the train ride to Montenegro with Vesper, Bond, played by Daniel Craig, grabs an envelope from the porter holding this money clip in the same hand. The Clip is available to buy here but doesn’t include a price tag so I’m sure it’s worth a pretty penny (or should money penny). The clip is produced by Douglas Pell a family-run business founded in 1972. 


Officially Licensed 007 Wallets

Along with the money clip featured in the film, the Official 007 store also has a small array of wallets that can be purchased all themed with James Bond-related insignias. This includes the Pebble-Grain cardholder with the 007 Logo embossed on the front, or a Navy Leather Travel Wallet priced at a staggering $599.99

My favorite is their personalized leather cardholder. Coming in at only slightly larger than a traditional credit/debit card and with the option to include a personalized Monogram (up to 6 characters), this 007 wallet is sure to turn heads. Its soft pebble-grain texture, full-grain leather, and suede lining creates a wallet with both quality and style great for any James Bond fan.


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