The Go Comb Review

The Easy Wallet Comb Accessory

The Go Comb is a unique wallet accessory. Its aim is to make it increasingly easy to carry around a comb (hairbrush) without the need for any additional carry accessories as combs can, more often than not, be overly bulky. The Go Comb itself is made from metal and shaped exactly the same size as any standard credit or debit card. The idea is simple, it can be placed in any wallet the same way you’d store your cards and provides and seamlessly improves the functionality of any wallet. 

As a comb, it works very well although but there are a few points I’d like to mention.  First of all, the comb is quite thick (coming in at 0.3 inches), which is about the size of two debit cards stacked upon each other. This mean’s that it can often or not be quite a tight fit in many wallets. This isn’t an issue for most wallets, just make sure you’re wallet has card slots fit enough for such a device. It also adds quite a bit of weight to your wallet (an additional 5 oz.).  Again, this isn’t major just something to keep in mind as it can be quite noticeable at first and can bulk out your wallet. 

Overall, the Go Comb is a lovely little accessory that can quite easily be a game-changer for those who want an easy and effective way to keep your hair kempt whenever you need it. With a variety of design options available, options for fine or wide-tooth combs, and an affordable price tag starting at $6.99, I think the Go Comb is the best option on the market for such a wallet accessory. For more information on the Go Comb check out their official website using the link below. 

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